Exclusive Interview with actress and Almost Christmas star … See why this French beauty is so much fun but also a woman of many talents!


L.A.S.M: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be an actress?

Rachel: I began theater at 12 years old and dancing at 7. I have always loved the stage.


L.A.S.M: How many languages do you speak? You have such a lovely accent.

Rachel: I love languages. I make the effort to listen to people and to learn the language. For me, if you can’t communicate with people it’s just wrong. I can speak 5 languages: French, Swahili, English, Spanish and German. I can also speak a little bit of conversational Chinese.


L.A.S.M.: Do you use your voice professionally?

Rachel: Aside from commercials and film voiceovers, I am also actually France’s Fitbit app voice, so I am the voice in your ear as a coach!


L.A.S.M.: What is something that you are really passionate about?

Rachel: I love to do so many things. I love to travel. I love shopping. In France, fashion is really important. I love to do hair. I love to make people beautiful. I also used to be a hair stylist. I love entertaining people; I used to dance when I was younger and used to do theatre. For me, being on stage and making people laugh is the best thing ever.


L.A.S.M.: What is something that people do not know about you?

Rachel: I am a really energetic person. I love extreme sports and am an adrenaline junkie! When I was a kid I loved roller coasters. I am a licensed skydiver; I love rock climbing.  I once did an underwater photoshoot for 14 hours (I was a competitive swimmer). I love it all! I also just became a U.S. citizen in April of 2016. I love America and the opportunities that people have here. I am living the American dream. I started from nothing and was able to build a career. In France, there aren’t opportunities for minorities to act like here. The diversity thing is very real in America, and television is representing what is happening in the world.


L.A.S.M.: What is a project that you hope to work on in the near future?

Rachel: I really want to be in a science fiction film.


L.A.S.M.: What does your family think about you as an actress?

Rachel: My mother has always been very supportive of all my artistic activities since I was young (coming to all my stage theater and dancing performances, traveling with me for my runways to Paris and other cities), and my family is very proud of my journey as an actress. I am involved in politics because of my father’s career (politician/diplomat in Africa) but do not desire to pursue his road now.

L.A.S.M.: What was your favorite part of acting in the film? What was your favorite costar in Almost Christmas?

Rachel: The film has such a beautiful message. No matter where your family comes from, there is conflict and dysfunction but at the end of the day, family is all you have. It’s a beautiful story. The Almost Christmas cast had an amazing energy. You can see it on the screen that we all got along and were so happy to work together. Monique is my favorite actress in the film; she goes above and beyond the script.


L.A.S.M You play Grace, Danny Glover’s wife in the film. How was it working with him?

Rachel: Danny Glover is a legend. I used to watch him as a kid. He is simple and humble, he is calm and sweet. It was lovely to work with him and to analyze his process.



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