Stop overpaying for damaging chemicals and break your scalp’s dependency on shampoo. 

The No Poo method (No Shampoo) is a hair care method where users stop using shampoo and replace it with substitutes. The technique has been adopted by people who are concerned about the extensive damage to the scalp caused by unnatural chemicals in normal shampoos. Other common reasons for starting No Poo are promoting and restoring the natural oils the scalp produces, eco-friendliness, saving money and letting go of the commercial pressures of hair hygiene. 

Photo: Feeh Costa on Unsplash

There are a myriad of substitutes to choose from. The most commonly used is baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Another popular option is only using water. Other methods include conditioner, coconut oil, egg wash, aloe vera and many more. 

The benefits No Poo can include: 

  • Healthier scalp with more balanced amounts of natural oils. 
  • Achieving clean hair without the dependency on daily shampooing. 
  • Less shampoo packaging waste
  • Less irritation on the scalp from unnatural chemicals found in shampoo.
  • Healthier hair. 
  • Better-looking hair in terms of volume and texture.

Photo: Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

As there are different hair types, the efficiency of the No Poo method may vary. It is essential to give your hair time to adjust and to break the cycle of shampoo. Giving up shampoo altogether may be too radical for some people. And that’s totally fine. There are other alternatives to taking better care of your scalp.

Written by Julia Silva Kurppa
Featured Photo: Icons8 Team on Unspalsh
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