Rediscover the Law of Attraction Through Rich Queen Manifesting Series

The Rich Queens Manifesting Series is an enlightening experience on beauty, body and business. Over 14 speakers were a part of this empowering three-day event on April 21-23. The series aims to give audiences a new mindset and perspective to usher success in all areas of their life. Adora Crystal Evans – who created this event – came from a complex living situation in a boarded-up home with little capital to her name. She decided to make substantial changes in her life by surrounding herself with the most dynamic leaders who had visions of a bright future. Evans aspired to be right alongside them and build a better destiny for herself and others. As the best-selling author of “Majestic Money,” a coach and a guide, she truly took the manifesting teachings to heart and practice. 

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

This series is a testament to her will and faith, as she has collaborated with the biggest names in the world of manifesting. The most recent Rich Queens Manifesting Series featured the following industry experts:

1 | Dr. John Demartini

World-Renowned Specialist in Human Behavior, Researcher, Author & Global Educator

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Dr. John Demartini’s biggest passion is to bring people the very best in philosophy, theology and the greatest minds from science and business. His expertise is sought after internationally, as seen in Fox News, The Huffington Post, Mindvalley, Larry King and many more media outlets. Find Dr. John Demartini on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin.

“You make your life a masterpiece by defining clearly what you want.”

 Dr. John DeMartini

2 | Tricia Love Vargas

Publisher & Creative Director of L.A. STYLE Magazine

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Tricia Love Vargas is passionate about creating innovative marketing strategies for clients. Her industry experience includes fashion styling, event production and public speaking. She is on a mission to equip women with the tools necessary to increase their confidence and manifest their best life. Her teachings are based on biblical principles and spiritual laws, as emphasized in her book “Royalty: The Scripture Unveiled”. Find Tricia Love on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

“In order for you to live life to the fullest and truly be happy, you must step into your purpose and do what you were called to do. The power of manifestation is not actualized by “visualization” only, things are manifested by “doing” also.

Tricia Love Vargas

3 | Marie Diamond

Global Transformation Teacher, Author, Spiritual Speaker & Mentor

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Marie Diamond was featured in the movie “The Secret” and continues to coach the top CEOs and A-listers of the world. She helps individuals overcome any obstacle through her many practices which include, Law of Attraction, Self-Help, using the Energy Systems of Feng Shui, Dowsing, Law of Attraction and Meditation. Find Marie Diamond on Facebook and Instagram.

“Before you can judge anyone’s lifestyle or decisions, you’d better walk 5 miles in their boots or high heels. Then you can understand why they are who they are and why these decisions are made.”

Marie Diamond

4 | Christopher Salem

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Award-Winning Author & Radio Show Host

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Christopher Salem has over 26 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate about sharing his expertise and wisdom with individuals. He empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life to truly experience the meaning of prosperity on all levels, in both their business and personal lives. Find Christopher Salem on Facebook and Instagram

“Focus on each daily goal. Be present and move forward on each goal before moving onto the next.”

Christopher Salem

5 | Don Green

Chief Executive Officer at The Napoleon Hill Foundation & Entrepreneur

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Don Green is a new global social entrepreneur, he has become one of the leading evangelists of entrepreneurial self-help through the proper utilization of Mr. Hill’s “Keys to Success” and “Think and Grow Rich.” He is a realist with visionary outlook. Find Don Green on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

“If you are really great, you will let others discover this fact from your actions.”

Don Green

6 | Forbes Riley

Award-Winning TV Host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and one of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness Experts (National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee)

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Forbes Riley specializes in all modes of communication. Riley can help those who are ready to make big changes and learn how to uplevel their lives. Find Forbes Riley on Facebook, InstagramYouTube and Linkedin.

“Don’t wait for everything to be perfect to enjoy your life.”

Forbes Riley

 7 | Ania Halama

Author of a “Rebel’s Guide to Spirituality”

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Ania Halama is an author who has woven a wealth of insight and knowledge throughout her book to help readers live up to their full potential. As a manifesting millennial, Halama can show you how to create your best life. Find Ania Halama on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

“Everything you need is already inside of you.”

Ania Halama

8 | Sherry Gideons

Author, Speaker, Host, Personal Development Coach & Life Coach

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Sherry Gideons offers everyday people, business owners and entrepreneurs a reliable, high-quality resource for life mastery on both a local and national scale in personal, business and overall wellness. Sherry’s commitment is to help people unlock and manifest their full potential and be the best version of themselves in a whole new way. Find Sherry Gideons on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

“My ultimate message worldwide is to help bring out the infinite greatness that is within all people and inspire them to live extraordinary lives.”

Sherry Gideons

9 | Moe Rock

Publisher & CEO of The Los Angeles Tribune, World-Renowned Content Producer, Investor, Speaker, Thought Leader & Author of “Lead By Example”

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Moe Rock is an inspiration to individuals wanting to walk the path of an entrepreneur. Rock’s an innovative brand strategist with over 10+ years of experience playing an instrumental role in creating cohesive and effective brand identities. Find Moe Rock on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

 “To transform the world, we must transform ourselves.”

Moe Rock

10 | Tom and Kim Challan

Founders of Priority Living

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

For over 25 years Tom Challan has built and trained multiple record breaking teams with his wife Kim. Together they have helped thousands of ordinary people create wealth while enjoying life. Find Tom and Kim Challan on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

“Failure is success in progress.”

Tom Challan

11 | Erik Swanson

Founder of Habitude Warrior, Public Speaker & Author

Erik Swanson specializes in success coaching as a Habits and Behavioral Coach; he has created and developed the popular Habitude Warrior Conference which has a two year waiting list and includes 33 top named speakers. Find Erik Swanson on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Surround yourself with some amazing leaders on your team and NEVER let them go!”

Erik Swanson

12 | Ali Mehdaoui

Creator of “Standing Out In a Digital World”

Ali Mehdaoui talks about success and being able to generate prosperity for oneself. He is also an investor and helps guide others through the process of proper investing for wealth. Mehdaoui aids struggling businesses get back on their feet and thrive in the current business climate. Find Ali Mehdaoui on Instagram and Facebook.

“Adversity is the biggest deposit in your bank account.”

Ali Mehdaoui

13 | Suha Ibrahim

Co-Founder of Boss Beauty Makeup Academy, Beauty Specialist & Reality Television Personality

Suha Ibrahim appeared on “Bad Girls Club” season 15, she has since created a beauty academy, Boss Beauty Makeup Academy, with her sister, Hanan Ibrahim. She is a living example of how your life can change and how you can manifest anything. Find Suha Ibraheim on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

“Do better in life! Eat better, sleep better, love better, listen better, speak better about yourself and others!”

Suha Ibrahim

14 | Kirsten Asher

Founder of Huntress & Co., Public Speaker & Creative Ideation Consultant

Kirsten Asher teaches women to embody and flow rather than hustle and grind, through the way they move, breathe and think. Kirsten creates a space for women to explore their senses, emotions, reduce stress and take ownership of their feminine expression. All while exploring the dynamics of the masculine and feminine in the new face of leadership. Find Kirsten Asher on Facebook and Instagram

“A huntress looks different for every woman. Yet the foundation is similar. It’s a lifestyle of integrity, grace, resilience, devotion to self, willingness to go deep, establish boundaries and raise self-respect and confidence.”

Kirsten Asher

15 | Simone Hodgins

Luxury Lifestyle Coach & Intuitive Healer

Simone Hodgins works with visionaries, change makers and leaders, as a spiritual ascension master, ancestral healing practitioner and abundance alchemist. She stands for the financial sovereignty and empowerment of all women to self actualize and fulfill their infinite potential. Find Simone Hodgins on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

“The truth about being highly successful is that you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have it all together. You don’t have to fake it till you make it. You only need to just be you.”

Simone Hodgin

16 | Chef Katrina

Digital Marketing Strategist & Speaker

Rich Queen Manifesting Event

Chef Katrina represents a modern day multifaceted woman with a variety of skillsets. She is a chef that worked her way up from one of the line cooks at the Walt Disney World Kitchens, eventually becoming a Sous Chef. She realized that the kitchen life was not for her and needed an escape plan. Chef Katrina opened her own restaurant only to have it close very quickly. Short after, she realized the magic of digital marketing in business and is now very passionate about teaching others. Find Chef Katrina on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter.

“If we do not feel grateful for what we have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?”

Chef Katrina

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