How We Found
the Right Business Partnership


By Rob Nagy and Massimo Didomenico

Photo Credit “PASSION LEAD US HERE” by Ian Schneider

In April of 2019, another partner and I decided to build a social media marketing agency together. In this process, I found how we found the right business partnership in this journey. After about four months we were able to scale that agency to multiple 6-figures and it looked promising. However, over the course of building the company, our other partner just did not align with our values and morals. So in December, unfortunately, that partnership fell through and Massimo and I decided to pull out our equity in the company and resigned to pursue something else. Ever since then, we have been doing everything business-related together. Now we build our Client Acquisition Systems for virtually any industry and feel very confident in the service that we render because it WORKS! 

As mentioned before our backgrounds were so similar (growing up in European households) and having the same values and morals that we just knew immediately that it would be a great fit. In addition to our excellent business acumen, work ethic, etc – we just knew it would work and we’d be a great team together!

 My definition of success is to be abundant in the four main areas of life. Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Above all to be fulfilled, and for us to be personally fulfilled, it would mean I need to be providing massive daily value to the people around me, and providing value to my clients and all prospects that I come in contact with. 

My purpose, simply put is helping people, teams and organizations and constantly growing as a person. I do have a higher calling, and that would be my GOD. Personally I am a religious person and believe there is definitely someone watching over me at all times so I understand that my GOD has a vision for me and my life. And by the end of my life, my sole purpose is to be an exact duplicate of that person he pictured and believed in me to be/become. I became clear with my purpose when I really started to crush my goals and achieve success. Because… I understood what I was capable of and I never wanted to fall short of what my potential is. Therefore, I will do everything in my ability to maximize my life. 

I celebrate my wins but I also celebrate my losses. So what I do to celebrate is generally just go out with my team, eat a really nice meal at a fancy restaurant and then keep on working hard. Or in some rare instances, I’ll go out and buy myself something materialistic to treat myself kind of as a testament to all my hard work.
“If you don’t do something with life, life will do something with you.” Read more on another inspiring perspective.


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