Q&A with Rob Nagy, Co-Founder & COO of TanSocial

Q: Tell us about your journey. My entrepreneurship journey was actually very crazy. But the moment I KNEW for a fact that I wanted to pursue business as a life career was when I was 14-years-old. It was a very interesting day … It was my 14th birthday and my parents had just taken me out to Outback Steakhouse. But on our way out of the parking lot to head home, a random word appeared in my mind. The word was “entrepreneur.” I was fascinated by the word and immediately looked it up. I saw it said, “Someone who takes a risk to earn a profit.” Shortly after I looked up the median pay for CEO’s and I saw $170K+ and immediately said I wanted to be one. Now it may seem superficial and money-motivated, but growing up in a not-so-wealthy household, I always knew I was destined for greater.  

Q: What words of wisdom do you have for other young entrepreneurs who are uncertain as to what path to take? My advice for people who want to jump into entrepreneurship would be to study everything you can about success and successful people. The moment I read “Law of Success in 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill,” I applied everything that was mentioned and it radically changed my life. I actually locked myself in my basement for one whole week to read the 1,200+ page book in one sitting. So the bottom line is, learn the acumen side of the business and actually take action on the information/lessons that you learn. Remember, nothing will ever work until you take that first step, so take MASSIVE ACTION! 

Q: What do you recommend business owners look for in a social media and branding company? My greatest piece of advice to business owners looking for a social media and branding company that will actually deliver results is that the truth is in the pudding. You must choose a company based on a variety of factors. || Will this company deliver me ACTUAL results and help me produce more cash flow? || Will this company underpromise and overdeliver based on the testimonials of prior clients? || What are the people saying?

Q: What makes your business different from the many others? Here at TanSocial we build out client acquisition systems that ACTUALLY convert, meaning our business is contingent on trackable and measurable results for our clients.  

Q: What services do you offer? As mentioned before we build out client acquisition systems, which is just a fancy way of saying we construct highly converting & engaging Facebook, Google and Youtube ads in addition to our personal branding packages. These services are done by our team of experts with years of experience in the field of building out highly profitable (and measurable) campaigns contingent on your success. 

Q: Do you have a winning formula or secret sauce in the way that you do business? I wouldn’t say there’s just “one specific secret” to my success or business success in general. It’s more a list of things compounded over time that amounted to my success. But for simplicity’s sake, it boiled down to three things … Having a team, providing massive value to the marketplace and being consistent as hell. If it weren’t for my team and I showing up every single day we wouldn’t amount to anything. Literally showing up every single day, delivering unmatched results to our clients and giving it 100% has made the world of a difference in our lives. Make those phone calls, make those connections and give it your all man. You do that for 3-6 months every single day and come back to me with your success story, because that’s the truth. I’ve done it and so can you. 

Q: What are you excited about in 2020? In 2020, I’d say I’m the most excited for providing massive value to the world and dominating/crushing all my mental, physical, financial and spiritual goals!

Q: Who are the digital influencers in your line of work that people should know about? @EdMylett & @CoryJeanSuccess.

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