Planet Health Compton & Vegan State of Mind are Transforming Compton’s Food Desert

He is defining what it means to live consciously. Founder Roland Jackson is creating healthy options for all who live in Compton. He candidly shares how veganism saved his life and is fueling his fire to transform Compton and other inner-city communities. Jackson pictured with Aja Brown, Compton’s Mayor.

When passionate visionary Roland Jackson of Planet Health Compton decided to go vegan, he understood that his lifestyle was no longer viable for his health, he then made it his goal to create an environment for anyone to be able to have access to vegan choices.

On one fateful day, Jackson saw “What the Health” a film that changed his life. While watching the film, his health was unraveling due to an injury and doctors recommended surgery, instead Jackson tuned his diet to be plant-based. His transformative and healing experience as a vegan has fueled his fire and created his inspiration for Planet Health Compton and Vegan State of Mind (VSOM). 

It all came about from a car accident that I had four years ago. The accident put me in a debilitating state – I was no longer able to do the things I was accustomed to doing, such as hiking, swimming, and regular day-to-day activities. As a result of the injuries that I sustained, the changes in my lifestyle all led me to explore a vegan diet.

After I became vegan, I realized that I was living in a food desert. I also realized that there was a deficit in clothing brands that represent me and other vegans minorities such as myself. Due to these deficits, I made it my mission to bring healthy, vegan options to Compton and other inner-city communities. I also wanted to create a clothing brand that would move and motivate others to strive towards the conscious lifestyle that I had now become accustomed to.

His flagship restaurant and cafe, Planet Health Compton is geared towards enriching the inner city community by providing healthy and accessible vegan and plant-based options. The mission of Planet Health Compton is to inspire healthy minds and healthy lifestyles. Jackson also founded VSOM, a clothing brand created to inspire a conscious mindset and a conscious lifestyle. 

Health + Community + Culture = Abundance 

 “It is our goal to reach the community through our culture and inspire a healthy lifestyle by providing a creative landscape for like-minded individuals – we will have space where education, community resources and programs are all available and geared towards giving back to the inner-city.”

A Powerful Vision for Compton

“Planet Health Compton is born from experiences in my youth – when I was younger, there weren’t any safe places where I could study or be inspired to focus on my community, my diet or my mindset. Planet Health Compton allows people of all ages to coexist and network with each other while being able to enjoy a healthy meal.” His vision for Compton is to be the first of many safe places designed for inner-city communities, built to inspire, educate, and invoke a positive and conscious diet and lifestyle.

A Multi-Purpose Experiential Space

In addition to Planet Health Compton’s grand opening, the community can expect a grocery store, a farmer’s market and future vegan events that will allow other vegan vendors to showcase their food and vegan products. “My philosophy about veganism is awareness for one’s self and the consciousness of one’s body. What you put in, you will also get out, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

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