“How to Improve Your Instagram, 3 Easy Changes”

Ruben Alvarez, 3 Ways to Improve Your Instagram

Why do you need to know how to improve your Instagram? Personal image and branding are now more than ever important in creating the life you want to live. The image you put out there is the one you will be perceived to be living.   

Many have taken a stance that we should be accepted for who we are and that includes posting anything and everything we take a picture of. However, this is naive and is not how to properly leverage a social media platform such as Instagram.  

If you want to be taken seriously, then you need to get serious. These three quick changes can get you headed in the right direction.  

How to Improve Your Instagram

1. Pick Your Target Audience 

Whose attention are you trying to get? Can you answer this question in 1 second? If your answer is no, then I can only guess your Instagram account is confusing and full of random images.  

Stop for a second and reflect what your goals are for social media. If you are a business or trying to develop a personal brand, your answer should not be everyone. Example: Someone interested in fashion has the goal of attracting clothing brands or photographers. It does them little to no good in attracting mechanics.  

2. Hire a Photographer To Improve Your Instagram

People, I cannot tell you how important image quality and how good your pictures/videos are on Instagram. The vast majority of your followers will not respect you as a person of influence if you look like you are held together with glue. 

The well-polished person is someone we wish to imitate. Blurry pictures and sloppy clothing will not attract the right people. Sponsors will also be the ones paying close attention to this.  

3. Control the Narrative / Make Allies 

The question I get asked the most is how to get more interaction on Instagram. The answer is simple. No matter how good your pictures or content is, no one will interact with you when you are starting off if you are not interacting daily with those people.  

It has become disgusting that people want to post daily and get people to comment on their posts when they do the bare minimum to interact with their following.  

Get out of your shell and realize it is not about you. If you want to grow, get one person to become a follower who comments daily. As easy as this sounds, it will be difficult if you never do anything for that person.  

Social media and branding is all about visibility. Let people see you for who you are, in the best way possible, and support those who are supporting you. Check out other articles on business to continue this mindset. 

About Ruben Alvarez

Ruben Alvarez is an ambitious young entrepreneur. For nearly a decade he dedicated himself to sales & marketing; now specializing in branding: From his company’s name, The Marketing Hunters, a podcast and separate brand was created: #INFORTHEKILL, which has begun a movement.   

The Marketing Hunters is a full-service marketing agency. Services offered are Social Media Management, Content Creation, Website Design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, SEO, Advertising, Branding, Logos, and more. When companies need an image change and want to take a stance in the marketplace, they call The Marketing Hunters.  

Reach out to me if you would like more information on creating an attractive Instagram profile and improve your Instagram.

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