No Excuses
Start a Podcast
In 5 Steps

Looking back at my own experience with starting a podcast, it was a lot more simple than I made it out to be. It can be just as easy for you if you are considering starting one and sharing information you consider people would like to hear. This is why I want to share these 5 steps to start a podcast.

The items I wish someone would have told me in order to streamline the process are the ones shared in this article. If you figure all these out, there is no reason you could not start a podcast in less than a few weeks. For the ambitious out there, maybe even a few days. 

Choose Your Message and Audience 

Might be the most obvious of the list. This is usually where people start their journey. Take a little extra time on this step. Your voice might be clear, but who will listen? If it is fitness, do not allow the answer to be, “Well everyone, because everyone could be interested in fitness.” 

Try to target smaller groups of people who are more likely to listen. This allows you to have faster growth as there might only be your podcast in this sector. Also, if there are experts who could speak on the podcast, they are more likely to want to come on your podcast because they can share their expert knowledge with people who will actually benefit from the information. 

What Is The Purpose of The Podcast? 

Are you looking to monetize the podcast? Are you doing it just for fun? Or will it be for a means of exposure? 

Knowing these key elements frees you up from later on wondering why you should keep the podcast going, even though it is taking up time. 

Yes, it takes time, but if you are building a brand, then it is worth it. If you are looking to monetize it and its been years without profits, then you know when to stop. 

Remote or In-Person Interviews 

This is an incredibly important decision to make. Remote podcasts are great because you can do them from mostly anywhere and you are more likely to get hosts to agree. 

What would be the reason to meet someone in person? The networking connection. A phone call will never be able to replace the in person meeting and the handshake that comes with it. 

Remote podcasts are convenient. In person interviews are gold. 

Pick Your Equipment 

Set a budget of upfront costs. There are only a few items you need to start a podcast. A computer, a microphone, editing software, a host for the podcast, a boom arm(optional) and a camera that records video(optional). 

All of these items have different options in cost. What I found is that I ended up buying the premium options within weeks of buying the less expensive counterparts. Since you are just starting, the more expensive options typically have easier settings to understand. 

Pick Your Hosting Site 

Last, someone will need to host your podcast. You might have heard of Anchor, a free platform. Keep in mind, free platforms are great, but are limited. Research the top platforms then compare to the free ones before committing to one. 

Now There Are No Excuses 

I look forward to hearing your podcast. If you want to send me over a link to it, feel free to do so. If you need more help starting one, reach out to me on Instagram. I am happy to help any way I can.  Did you catch my first article, How to Improve your Instagram”?

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