Self Discipline – The Best Tool For Success

People ask me––”How do you have so much energy?” My answer: self-discipline. I take care of myself, I work out, I make sure I get proper rest, I take vitamins. I’m on the 10X Health System, I don’t eat meat, I try to drink a gallon of water a day. I actually intend to take care of my physical body, which has to get me through everything that I do on a daily basis. 

I have energy when I’m [working] on purpose. I have this massive women’s empowerment movement I’m building and establishing––but that’s my passion. And when I’m [working] on my passion and purpose, I am energized and excited, whether I’m failing and learning or I’m winning. 

The more wins that I have, the more fuel it feeds me and the more life that I have. And when I’ve accumulated too many failures, I have to go back to my purpose, set up mini sub-targets, things that I can actually do and hit and win at because that resuscitates me. My life is juggling and a lot of action. 

Here is the thing, if you want to level up––which actually means to increase something in order to remove a disparity––ask yourself: “What do I need to increase?” 

The answer is simple––you need to increase being around the right information. You need to increase being around the right group of people who want to help you and accelerate your way to success. 

When you come to events like 10XGrowthCon and BAE Mastermind, you’re leveling up the group of people you surround yourself with. It’s important you put yourself in an environment where you can get the right information, where you can get the right support and infrastructure to actually make a difference in your life.

We just wrapped our 10X Growth Conference 2022, which took place at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida. This year we featured incredible speakers such as Donald Trump, Tilman J. Feritta, T.D. Jakes, Rick Ross and many more. It was absolutely incredible! 

After the conference, I was a guest speaker for the first time on my husband Grant Cardone’s Mentorship Call for our elite 10X community. On this call I spoke about how self-discipline can help you take the next step in achieving your goals. I’ve gathered here some of the takeaways I taught on the mentorship call. Hope you enjoy them & 10X!

How to 10X Your Life With Self-Discipline: 

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Write down the reasons why you want to accomplish those goals.
  3. List the obstacles that you will encounter when working towards achieving your goals and develop a plan to overcome them.
  4. Replace bad habits with good and reproductive ones.
  5. Keep track of your progress and advancement, use a journal.
  6. Avoid distractions and temptations.
  7. Reward yourself when you succeed.
  8. Don’t let setbacks deviate you from your plan to achieve your goals. If you fail, forgive yourself and move on! 

3 Reasons Why Doing These Things Are Life Changing:

  1. It helps you set high standards for yourself.
  2. It pushes you to always be efficient, competent, and persistent even when you are ready to surrender and give up.
  3. It builds your belief and confidence in yourself which develops your own personal sense of trust.

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About Elena Cardone:

Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful model and actress of TV and film fame.  A lifelong competitive sport shooter, and now wife, mother, author, businesswoman, empire builder, event producer, mentor, public speaker, and visionary.

She is the author of the best-selling book “Build an Empire: How to Have it All.” She is the executive producer of the massively successful events that include 10X Ladies, Operation 10X Badass, Build an Empire Mastermind and her own show, “Women in Power.”

Drawing upon her vast experience, Elena has developed her own curriculum to assist aspiring empire builders. In her Build An Empire course, she lays the groundwork for both men and women as she trains them how to create, grow and defend an extraordinary career and marriage. Additionally, she mentors hundreds of women with personal, one-on-one coaching sessions.

Elena’s most recent endeavor has been to partner up with EXP Realty. She is now a licensed Realtor who plans on building the largest real estate team across the globe helping thousands of people create generational wealth through real estate powered by EXP.  If you want to build an empire with Elena, go to

Elena has been happily married to Grant since 2004 (July 4th to be exact – and the fireworks have never stopped) and lives with her husband Grant, their two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett, along with their two cats, Cash and Flow in Miami Beach. Together they have created a real estate portfolio of $5.1 Billion.

About 10X GrowthCon:

Voted the  #1 marketing conference by Forbes the 10X Growth Conference was created for forward thinkers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners and anyone else who seeks to define the marketplace today and tomorrow. In just a few years, the 10X Growth Conference has become the world’s largest business conference event in the world.

Written by: Elena Cardone


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