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No matter what stage your business is in, there may be clear signs that you need better business operations. Entrepreneurs and leadership usually become aware of business issues that surface – often revealing underlying problems. When your business operates well, you will experience better outcomes and positive results. Operations will flow. 

Clear Signs You Need Better Business Operations

Loss of Resources

If your business is experiencing a loss of time, money and people, this is a clear sign it is not being resourceful. This is an indication that there may be an underlying issue. Your business may lack great strategy,  infrastructure, people, systems or culture.

Feel Stuck

It may be time to reassess your operations if your business feels stuck and unable to get to the next goal or level. Sometimes you are too close to the day-to-day operations of your business to really see root problems or the resources you may need. This is where an outside professional may be the best solution for the overwhelmed CEO.


Sometimes there is redundancy within your company that keeps it from progressing. You have unnecessary people, procedures, policies, or functions in your business that no longer serve a purpose or produce positive results. There may be duplicated work that creates waste in manpower and costs. This may also affect your ability to scale and build capacity.


Working in silos means working in isolation. A work culture that has individuals, departments, or business locations working in isolation will experience a breakdown in communication and productivity. 

Information and knowledge should be shared to create transparency and better teamwork. This prevents unnecessary or replicated work from being done and saves you time and energy. 

Lack of Integration

When there is a disconnect- there is a lack of integration. Leadership should make it a priority to create a strong foundation within the business. It’s critical to have integration with major components of the business. Integrate your people, process and systems for operational flow.

Improving your effectiveness and efficiencies with better business operations will help increase productivity and profitability. 

Poor Employee Retention and Team Burnout

Employee burnout is a clear sign that you may need better operations and resource allocation. Leadership is responsible for cultivating a healthy, positive, productive work culture. Poor operational management and a toxic culture results in unnecessary expenses and exhaustion for both your employees and the business.

Benefits of Better Business Operations

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Operational Flow and Continuous Improvement
  • Higher Performance
  • Better Productivity
  • Higher Profits
  • Resourcefulness & Less Waste in Time, Money and People
  • Clarity and Expectation Among Leadership and Team
  • Streamlined Communication Between People, Departments and Locations
  • Alignment of Personal and Business Core Values
  • Cross-Functional Alignment Between People, Departments and Location
  • Positive Interaction with Customers and Good Citizenship

Operations are the glue that holds a business together. Operations management is one of the most important areas of your business. It involves designing, controlling, and redesigning your business operations so you are producing products and services. 

Better operations help maximize how effective and efficient your business will be with your few resources. You can meet customer needs seamlessly.  

If you are experiencing any signs that you need better business operations, consider strategically partnering with a Fractional COO to help bring you and your business to the next level.

Written by Sasha Lalite

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