Spring Celebrations, Easter and More!

By Natalie Olivo

Credit: Marcos Luis Leonardo from Pexels

Between March and April, there are various Spring holidays that allow friends and family to spend time together to celebrate new beginnings and traditional religious holidays, from Spring celebrations, Easter and more!

These festivities represent rebirth and a new perspective on life. Three beautiful traditions this Spring include spiritual and religious holidays across the globe: Easter, Passover and Holi are celebrated from different cultures. The diversity and religious freedom in the United States – that we may sometimes take for granted is powerful. Today is a great reminder of the opportunities and freedom that we have. Many people travel and immigrate to the United States and bring their culture and traditions with them. What makes the U.S. extraordinarily unique and precious is our diverse cultures.

Let’s take a look at these beautiful traditions.

Honoring Easter 


Easter Sunday is a part of Christianity. It represents the resurrection of Christ after the crucifixion. The theme of renewal and rebirth continues through all traditions and holidays during the spring. During Easter, it is a time for Christians and Catholics to celebrate the renewal of their lives through Christ and the disappearance of sin. Many families and friends gather to feast and honor this holiday.  From  British Hot Cross Bun to greek dolmathakia, Easter is so widely celebrated  that many different cultures have their own food traditions. 

Photo: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Passover Tradition

Those who are of the Jewish faith celebrate Passover. Passover or Pesach is a holiday that acknowledges Moses, who helped the Israelites out of slavery. The Pharaoh forced many Jews into slavery and Moses assisted them in leaving Egypt to find refuge. The word Passover is said to come from the idea that when Moses created the ten plagues over Egypt, the last of the plagues was the death of a firstborn son. The Israelites were given clear instructions to avoid this outcome by Moses. God “passed over” the homes of those liberated. Families prepare foods like Sedar or Matzo ball soup to celebrate.


Holi Celebration

Holi festival is celebrated in India and is part of the Hindu religion and faith. Holi is the festival of love and represents the triumph of good over evil. It also signifies Radha and Krisna’s eternal love.  Those who celebrate Holi gather wood for 40 days in order to light the Holika Bonfire on the day of Choti Holi. On the day of  Rangwali Holi, one throws pigments or colored water at friends and loved ones, relinquishes all debts and past errors to start over fresh. Food is always a must during a festival. Those who participate also enjoy delicacies such as Gujia or Ghughra.

The theme of starting over and a new, seem to run through like a clear stream in spring. All of these beautiful traditions bring so many communities together.  Bringing community and cultures together makes the United States different. As a nation, we embrace differences and acknowledge cultural heritage as a backbone to any society. We must see how similar we all are and how vital community and traditions are to all human beings.

Photo: Tom Watkins on Unsplash

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