Sushi & Fine Dining at Kaviar Sushi Restaurant

A blend of cultural art and a selection of diverse Japanese cuisine are at the heart of Kaviar Sushi Restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant is led by Executive Chef John Hans Yeo and his team. The luxurious restaurant offers fine instagrammable aesthetics and a lively culinary experience to remember. Sake, handcrafted cocktails, exquisite sushi and luxuries from the finest caviar to truffles from France are just a few of the items you can find on the menu. If you’re looking to indulge in fine dining in the calm town of Pasadena, Kaviar is a must-visit location. 

The dining experience begins with knowledgeable servers that attend to each guest’s wants and needs. The dim lights and indoor trees are an addition to the luxe and serene atmosphere that families, individuals and/or couples can enjoy. 

Here are some of our top menu picks from Kaviar Sushi Restaurant:

Seasonal Oysters

Kaviars seasonal oysters come beautifully placed in a bed of icy rocks with a stream of smoke behind them. The flavor matches its elegant aesthetic, use their hot sauce dropper if you’re looking for an extra spice to your oysters. 

Toro Tartare

Presented with 24k gold flakes, the toro tartare is a sharable starter you do not want to miss. The truffle oil, lemon and caviar give it a soft yet daring taste on top of a toast. 

Denver Wagyu

A fine form of beef with salt crystals seared to perfection that will literally melt in your mouth.


Bluefin Toro

The Bluefin Toro showcases a rich and buttery taste. This sushi is prized and a must-try at Kaviar that leaves you longing for more. 


Spicy Yellowtail Escolar Roll

If you’re looking for a kick of spice in your sushi rolls, the Spicy Yellowtail Escolar Roll is a signature sushi roll at Kaviar Sushi Lounge. Topped with eel sauce and sesame creme, this roll is one of its kind. 


From a serene atmosphere to the finest sushi and dining experience, add Kaviar Sushi Restaurant next on your list for spectacular dining. Stay tuned for the grand opening of the Downtown Los Angeles Location.

Written by Marianna Garcia


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