Originating from British fashion culture, street style includes a variety of different combinations. From athletic attire and elegance to country boots and sundresses, street fashion has become a place that welcomes all thrilling ideas. 

The phrase “Street Style” is an infamous term in society today. Although considered a widespread phenomenon of the 20th century, street fashion culture has been around for generations throughout human history.

Street Style is defined as the combination of different sections of style to produce one authentic look. With the drastic increase in social media over the last decade, the flashiness of street fashion culture has developed into everyday life. Franchising, mass marketing, retail chains, suburbanization, influencers and a large spread increase in internet usage, has dominated the fashion industry over the last couple of years.

According to Andrea Jelonjic, in an article published by Baggizmo, “It is a comprehensive approach to fashion and includes styles which intersect, differ from mainstream fashion considerations and are based on individualism and not strictly focusing on current fashion trends.”

Photo by Serhiy Hipskyy 

With the increase of “influencers,” the culture of retail fashion has changed. It’s almost as if the consumers control the producers. What’s “trending” is what will sell in different outlets for months to come. 

“Street style is an incredibly viral, instant, addictive facet of fashion that’s changed how fashion is made and consumed,” says Jelonjic. 

Finding your identity and the history of clothing has and will always be parallel. This type of style allows everyone the chance to be the model. From college kids to stay-at-home moms, style is something that is personal to you!

Photo by Vicky Hladynets

Everyone knows the power of expressing individualism through one’s own personal taste in style. Icons such as Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid, Paris Hilton and Timothée Chalamet–just to name a few–have become street style inspirations of their time. Whether you are 15 or 75, street style is something everyone can partake in. 

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Written By Kalin Kerr
Featured Image: Ana Ferreira 


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