The Long Awaited Lifestyle Brand, Impromptu Launches its Lola Collection!


Impromptu’s premiere line, The Lola Collection is here!

The lovely and much-awaited lipstick line elegantly launched on #NationalLipstickDay 2017 at the W in Hollywood, California. The collection whispers to women’s inner goddess while providing an amazing opportunity to practice sound health practices. The thoughtful line utilizes a specially “developed list of ingredients while also keeping in mind those with rare allergies.”

Leyna Topete, founder of the line has created a line with a crafted formula for those with certain sensitivities. The line’s philosophy is created out of love and gratitude for her mfullsizeoutput_fbbother. Inspired by her mother who developed an allergic reaction to lipstick, her favorite cosmetic product! Impromptu’s core also has its roots set in gratitude and support for the women of the military; Leyna’s mother raised her as a single mother and proudly served in the Marine Corps for 29 years!
Impromptu’s mantra represents all women. With a simple stroke of color, women are transformed into the complexity of what defines feminity: classy and bold, confident and yet with a quiet strength – having the ultimate freedom to express herself!

Embrace Impromptu’s invitation to live life to the fullest in every Impromptu moment!

The Lola Collection is dedicated to women who life live to its fullest and the “life unscripted” lifestyle.

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Leyna Topete’s Mother inspired the Lola Collection.



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