The Most Beautiful and Luxurious Glamping Destinations to Visit this Summer


What is Glamping?

GlampingHub describes glamping as “a happy marriage between luxury and nature.” Glamping often features enhanced tents, yurts or casual yet high-end one-room style structures that blend outdoor adventure with comfort. Unlike hotels or hostels, which often use unsustainable or energy-inefficient materials, many glamping accommodations are extremely eco-friendly.

Though the term “glamping” dates to the early 2000s, so-called glamorous camping is a practice that has been enjoyed for centuries now. Yurts, tipis and various other casual but natural lodging were the “normal” way of life for prehistoric civilization for millennia.

Camping, in all its gritty glory, may not be for the faint of heart, but glamping is for everyone.

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Where can I start?


Glamping has exploded in popularity in recent years, with accommodations of every variety to be found across the United States and even in locations abroad. GlampingHub is an incredible resource for those looking for their next adventure. It offers accommodations of every style, from traditional buildings to the more picturesque and immersive luxurious yurts and tents.

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Is another resource to investigate when considering locations and accommodation styles. Autocamp also offers traditional housing, tents and yurts, but also enhanced Airstream vans.

For those in the greater Los Angeles area, California is teeming with beautiful glamping locations.

Where should I glamp?

Yosemite, California

This is one of the best-known and beloved national parks for a reason. Opportunities for glamping at Yosemite are abundant. Autocamp has a specialized page for glamping opportunities in the area. For those seeking a secluded and luxurious yurt experience, there are many options, including this elegant yurt just outside Yosemite park in Oakhurst, California or these sizable yurts in Coarsegold, California.

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Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree, California not only boasts incredible rock formations and whimsical looking cacti but also a plethora of glamping locations to select from. Autocamp also has a page dedicated to Joshua Tree glamping opportunities, found here. Joshua Tree listings on GlampingHub include a wide selection of yurts, including this elegant yet simple location, this rustic and homely set-up, and finally, a sprawling expanse that also includes an above-ground pool and multiple beautiful outdoor environments in addition to the yurt itself. Also available to book in the Joshua Tree area is a spacious and quaint Airstream trailer found here.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California offers many glamping opportunities. For those desiring to stay close to home yet still experience the luxurious adventure of glamping, there are many listings in and around the beautiful Los Angeles area. This refurbished Airstream trailer nestled in the hills of Malibu is the epitome of luxury, with a breathtaking view of the ocean, a working kitchen, and a rustic aesthetic worthy of your Instagram feed.

Credit: Matheus Bertelli on Unsplash

Topanga, California

This tipi getaway replete with a hot tub, a barbeque, and various outdoor lounging spaces is tucked away in the hills near Topanga State Park. For those seeking to realize their childhood dreams of living in a treehouse, Topanga Canyon hides this mystical dome treehouse for visitors to book and enjoy its whimsical ambiance.

By Makenna Dykstra
Featured Photo: Cottonbro on Pexels

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