The “Most Influential” issue features awe-inspiring personal stories of world-renowned industry leaders in a stunning 200-page hardcover coffee table book. These individuals exemplify the attributes of spirited and dynamic leaders who work toward a higher purpose. They are leaving a legacy by taking a stand to make the world better than the way they entered it. Their example is inspiring leaders to follow in their footsteps and foster a better community for future generations.

Cover Stars:

Ed Mylett: Ed Mylett is a man with a heart for the people, the presence of a king and the aura of a lion. Ranked amongst one of the most influential and wealthiest entrepreneurs in America, he is a powerhouse in the personal development industry.

Jamie Kern Lima:  Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, is the essence of embodying authentic beauty. Lima relentlessly built her brand until she sold her company for more than $1.2 billion. She then became the first female CEO for a L’Oreal brand in their 100-year history.

Akon: The multi-platinum, award-winning Senegalese American is using his international influence to create a global movement. As an artist and business mogul, Akon has held fast to a childhood dream of making a positive impact throughout Africa

Danelle Delgado: Danelle Delgado has a gift for discovering diamonds in the rough. As an elite mentor, sales coach, international speaker and business strategist, Delgado has helped entrepreneurs become marketplace millionaires and developed some of the most impactful leaders of today. 

Erwin McManus: Erwin McManus is an influential entrepreneur, iconoclast, fashion designer, author, filmmaker and cultural thought leader who has devoted his life to the pursuit of God and the study of genius. 

Nicole Arbour: Nicole Arbour is known as the “Digital Renegade” setting the stage ablaze with her captivating personality and #GOTEAM mantra. Her multifaceted career began as a standup comedian and cheerleader with the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. 

Natasha Graziano: Natasha Graziano is a manifestation guru, motivational speaker and best-selling author of The Action Plan: How To Implement the Law of Attraction Into Your Life in Under an Hour

Jennifer Hernandez & Daphne Pinkney: The Do-over Initiative: Leading by example, Jennifer Hernandez and Daphne Pinkney are answering their calling in life with their “Do-Over” movement. Both women have incredible personal testimonies of overcoming some of the most difficult life experiences, including homelessness, addiction, abuse and depression.

Industry Leaders Featured:

Adriana Gallardo: Adriana Gallardo is an undeniably driven Latina force of nature who’s built an empire on ingenuity and sheer willpower

Amberly Lago: Amberly Lago is outspoken, upbeat and transparent about her life trajectory that was forever altered when she was involved in a near-death motorcycle accident in 2010. 

Andres Hoyos & Diana Steel: Andres Hoyos is the Founder and CEO of Sync Brokerage, a boutique, high-tech real estate brokerage. Andres and Diana both emigrated from Colombia and they are true embodiments of the American Dream.

Ashley Nadine: Ashley Nadine is a bold leader, bridal shop owner, author, speaker and business coach who uses faith to overcome the many obstacles life has presented. 

Ava Duvernay: Ava DuVernay, acclaimed writer, director, producer and filmmaker paves the way for women, fueling a monumental movement for inclusivity in Hollywood. 

Billy Gene: Billy Gene Shaw is the founder and CEO of Billy Gene is Marketing. He was named by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the world’s top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners.

Brad Lea: Brad Lea’s career is a study on how revolutionaries use their genius to take ideas learned in one arena and translate them into an outside-of-the-box invention. 

Charles Lew: Charles Lew is a multifaceted humanitarian and business leader who is deeply immersed in Los Angeles culture.

Daniel Alonzo: Daniel Alonzo has had an exceptional career as a business coach, speaker, financial services broker and investor. 

David Meltzer: David Meltzer is grounded in both the spiritual and the pragmatic. He is at once a master of time management, hard work and a practitioner of spiritual balance.

David Tutera: As an award-winning events planner, entrepreneur and bridal fashion designer, David Tutera has mastered the art of bringing dreams to life.

Dawn-Lyen Gardner: Dawn-Lyen Gardner is a part of a new emergence in the film and TV industry. Her essence represents a new generation of enlightened and grounded Hollywood stars. 

Denis Waitley: To say Waitley is a mastermind would be understating the breadth of impact he has made on the personal development industry.

Doug Evans: Doug Evans’s revolutionary solution for the consumption of daily nutrients is one that disrupts the $35.7 billion dollar vitamin & supplement manufacturing industry.

Dr. Daniel Amen: Dr. Daniel Amen is a classically trained, board-certified psychiatrist who is directly impacting the way we treat brain health. 

Dr. Zev Mellman: Dr. Zev Mellman is a highly-sought after chiropractor with a unique way of spreading change while promoting healthy living  through having a healthy spine.

Fiona Ma: Born in New York to immigrant parents, Fiona Ma is a nationally recognized leader and changemaker in public finance.

Gabriel Rosado: Gabriel Rosado is a proud Puerto Rican, often referred to as the “People’s Champ.” The world-champion boxer has won titles in multiple weight classes.

Gabrielle Bernstein: Gabrielle Bernstein is recognized worldwide as the “expert spiritual junkie,” highly sought after for her guidance on how you can become your best advocate and learn to go with the flow.

Glenn Lundy: Glenn Lundy’s story is one of triumph: He overcame homelessness and time in prison to become a hugely successful content creator, business owner and motivational leader. 

Gloria Mayfield Banks: Gloria Mayfield Banks is a legend in the multilevel marketing beauty industry has made history in or by becoming the first African American woman to hold the highest sales position at Mary Kay Cosmetics out of more than 2.4 million consultants.

Greg Martel: Greg Martel is a revolutionary serial entrepreneur whose service-focused vision is realized in both business and philanthropy.

Jamar Hart: With his vibrant personality and unmatched energy, Jamar Hart contributes to the fashion industry in his own unique way. He is an LA-based celebrity stylist and influencer originally from Detroit.

Jon Talarico: Jon Talarico is a results coach and an expert on mastering the mind.

Joshua Bodjanac: Joshua Bodjanac is the creator of JB Noble Interiors Ltd, an upscale interior design business with a long lineage in craftsmanship.

Kendra Bracken-Ferguson: Kendra Bracken-Ferguson is a brand-building visionary with a passion for beauty, wellness and innovation.

Kendra Sikes: Kendra C. Sikes is the founder and CEO of B&B Publishing Co, an upscale boutique full-service publishing company.

Kerri Kasem: Kerri Kasem has it all: tenacity, compassion and personality. For over 23 years, Kerri has been sharing her wit and natural eloquence through numerous radio and TV programs including, UFC, Sixx Sense and The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx, among others.

Kevin Zanazanian: Kevin Zanazanian is a real estate broker at Oak Brook Realty in Los Angeles whose passion, work ethic, and humility has brought him decades of success

Kofi Siriboe: Kofi Siriboe is known for his powerful and vulnerable presence, he is also gentle and mindful, traits that are rare to find in such young talent.

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani: Kristina Mand-Lakhiani’s journey of self-growth and self-acceptance has been anything but easy coming from a communist society. She is an entrepreneur, mother of two, speaker, philanthropist, philosopher, artist and the co-founder of Mindvalley, “a global school that delivers transformational education for all ages.”

Larry Sims: Larry Sims has made his mark in the entertainment industry. His unparalleled drive and talent have set him apart as one of the most sought after hairstylists in Hollywood.

Les Brown: Les Brown is one of America’s most renowned motivational speakers, known for his lively personality and an optimistic outlook.

Lindsey Wheeler: Lindsey Wheeler is the founder and curator of the online boutique “Love Lindsey” and nonprofit organization “Operation Artemis.”

Lori Harder: Lori Harder is a self-love expert, network marketing maven, three-time world class fitness champion, entrepreneur, author and creator of The Bliss Project. She is also the host of the podcast Earn Your Happy with over 24 million downloads.

Marcellas Reynolds: Through over 20 years of experience, Marcellas Reynolds has proven himself to be an astounding author, former model and celebrity fashion stylist. He is also a celebrated actor and entertainment reporter.

Marlene Brehm: Marlene Brehm possesses a feminine power that is undeniable, and she is also leading the way in technology alongside her husband, Sean Brehm, as few women in history have.

Michael J. Fisher: Michael J. Fisher represents a bright new generation of involved, open-minded leaders of faith who are both steeped in scripture and in tune with contemporary society.

Modern Day Wife: Dynamic duo Meagan Ayres and Meghan Fialkoff prove how women can have the whole package on all fronts, at home and in the office. They are the founders of Modern Day Wife (MDW), a platform that teaches women how to maximize their lives by “becoming executives of their career and home.”

Moldilox: Self-taught photographer Moldilox went from shooting outdoor landscapes to editorial shoots with L.A. STYLE Magazine, capturing celebrity cover stars like Vivica A. Fox, Massy Arias, Pia Toscano, and Elena Cardone.

Oprah Winfrey: Oprah Winfrey continues to make an impactful mark on our social and cultural consciousness with moving stories that speak to the heart and soul.

Patti Stanger: Patti Stanger has changed thousands of lives by helping others find love. As the CEO of the Millionaire Dating Club, she identifies suitable mates for singles, one love life at a time.

Queen Sugar: The poignant and heartfelt drama, “Queen Sugar” on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), is a powerful depiction of Black culture in America.

Real Talk Kim: Pastor Kimberly Jones known as Real Talk Kim travels the world fulfilling her passion and purpose of loving people back to life.

Richard Martinez: Richard Martinez is a speaker, coach, relationship expert and visionary who has improved, inspired and touched the lives of thousands of people across 25 nations.

Robert Stearns: Robert Stearns’ influence reaches across the globe as a highly regarded pastor, visionary, speaker, author and musician.

Rutina Wesley: Rutina Wesley is a Juilliard-trained actor well-known for her stirring performances as Tara Thornton on HBO’s True Blood and Nova Bordelon on the Oprah Winfrey Network series “Queen Sugar”.

Ryan Blair: From a gang member to a businessman with over $2 billion in company sales, Ryan Blair has now turned to the role of spiritual advisor through his new company AlterCall.

Steven Smith: Steven Smith is recognized around the globe as an influencer with unparalleled talent and an iconoclastic spirit.

Tim Oulton: Timothy Oulton is a luxury brand that brings comfort and style to you.

Vanessa Simmons: Hip-hop royalty and television personality Vanessa Simmons has grown up in front of the eyes of America from a young adolescent to her evolution as mother and businesswoman.

Zozibini Tunzi: Miss South Africa 2019, Zozibini Tunzi is from Tsolo, Eastern Cape and grew up in the village of Sidwadweni.


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