Steps to a Perfect Routine to De-Stress Before Bed

These steps to de-stress create the ideal bedtime routine that is perfect after a long, stressful day when winding down. They can contribute to a good night’s rest and a clear mindset the next morning. It is important to recognize what you’re feeling and allow yourself to hit the reset button. 

While many people are feeling more hopeful for normality soon, the ongoing pandemic has only increased stress levels tremendously. The reality is that stressful distractions can make our lives feel scattered and draining. Pandemic fatigue is what medical professionals call this exhausted, worn-down feeling that leaves us drained by the end of each day. Now more than ever, the necessity to care for ourselves is predominant, and this can start by perfecting your nightly routine.

Steps To De-Stress Before Bed


Calm Your Mind

There is nothing more relaxing than ending your night with a clear, unworried mind. The observance of your thoughts and feelings can take away the copious amounts of stress you may be feeling. Mediation allows you to be fully present in that moment and not dwell on the trying aspects of your day. 

Whether listening to calming music or following a guided meditation works best for you, with practice, your body and mind will feel lighter each time.


Journal Your Feelings to de-stress

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With stress comes overthinking. Like meditation, clearing yourself of unnecessary stressful thoughts will greatly benefit your mentality. Writing down whatever you may be thinking or feeling at that moment can be a therapeutic tactic that will allow you to recognize where the root of your stress derives from. Seeing all of your thoughts written out on paper can help you sort and get clear with your emotions. 

You can even use journaling as an organizer and write to-do lists. Arranging your daily tasks for the next day can aid any disorderly thoughts that may be causing stress. 


Heat Up a Bath

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The warmth of the bathwater can soothe all of your soreness and aches and set your body into total relaxation mode. Adding essential oils like lavender or bergamot to your bath has proven to create a calming atmosphere because of their relaxing properties that ease anxiety and tension. 


Create a Nighttime Playlist

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While listening to soothing music before bed is always a prominent relaxer, create a playlist with your favorite music. Hearing your favorite songs can be the ultimate mood booster and music is an incredibly powerful tool to make us feel exhilarated and happy. 


Read Something Easy On The Eyes And Mind

Scrolling through social media before bed can not only be harmful to our eyes, but the effects of blue light can disrupt sleep cycles as well. It signals to the brain that it should be awake rather than winding down. Ditching the phone two to three hours before bed and replacing your nightly scrolling with a book or magazine can benefit your eyes and mind and immediately put you into relaxation mode. 

By Alexis Garcia
Featured Photo: Cottonbro on Pexels

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