The Perfect Gift for Her : 10X Ladies Leadership Conference

Close the year right and give the gift of personal development this holiday season by attending the next 10X Ladies event taking place February 4-5 in Aventura, FL along with the 10X Build an Empire Mastermind event on February 6-7.

The previous 10X Ladies event on October 2021 hosted by the queen herself, the empire builder Elena Cardone took place on a fabulous yacht, The SeaFair in Miami, FL. The event is the first women’s leadership conference of its kind. Gravitating towards goal-oriented, ambitious and high-achieving women, the event includes speakers that discuss ways to change your mindset while growing your career and/or business.

Stunning skyline views, networking, potent conversations and fireworks were at the forefront of this exclusive event. The line-up featured eight powerful women from their respective industries. The speakers included Gloria Mayfield Banks, Danelle Delgado, Natalie Workman, Nicole Arbour, Stormy Wellington, Sharon Lechter, Patty Arvielo and Lisa Copeland. These high-profile leaders are a force to be reckoned with. They share their wisdom with attendees providing them with tools to help 10X their lives. 

Here is what the ladies from The 10X Ladies event Miami 2021 are saying:

Elena Cardone Founder of 10X Ladies, Empire Builder, Real Estate Mogul, Author, Public Speaker, Investor and Lifestyle Influencer

“It was my failure to connect with the right woman or network worldwide that kept me small. I was not thinking big enough. I only had a few friends in my own community to interact with. I had not developed a worldwide network of 10X women to connect on a global level. This is the correct order of magnitude that us as women need to think with. I know I’m bias but the world needs us. The world needs more powerful women to show up, take responsibility and share their greatness with the world.”

Patty Arvielo Co-Founder and President of New American Funding

“Being asked to be a speaker at 10X was one of my many blessings in my 40 year career! The power in the room was so empowering and the sense of community that I felt was impactful. I felt loved the second I arrived at 10X. I left a better woman…I left a better friend…I left a better leader…I left wanting to continue to mentor and inspire women to have it all.”

Tricia Love Vargas Publisher of LA STYLE Magazine and Realtor ExP Realty

“I was beyond impressed by this years 10X Ladies conference. Everything from the visual aesthetics, to the high-profile networking, energy in the room and the powerful suggestions of wisdom the speakers shared-it was exceptional. Elena’s heart to help women evolve into the best version of themselves was more than apparent when she addressed the audience. The grand finale of the event that consisted of a beautiful firework display on the skyline above the yacht was one for the books.

Fee Gentry, MBA, Live Better Ventures, Board of Directors EXP World Holdings (Nasdaq:expi)

“Wow there were so many impactful moments at the conference. What stood out to me most was said by Lisa Copeland in her presentation ‘The Pride’ when stated that she believed that women are the solution to the world, not the problem…And when women come together we will be a force that will change the world. That part is what stuck with me the most from the 10X Ladies event. It’s a truth that I have held for years and reminds me to continue to align myself with women who believe the same thing. This was a life changing event for me where I now have made some lifelong allies and friends.”

Kristi J Warner Salon Owner/Realtor @ eXp Realty

“10X Ladies weekend was a reminder of how powerful a room feels when ‘badass’ women come together. Lisa Copeland brought up this quote by Matthew Arnold in her powerful speech Lioness Not Lamb ‘If There ever was a time when women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.’ I met amazing women and we are now helping each other make big things happen in the real estate industry.”

Tracee Nichols, CEO, Tracee Nichols Jewelry 

“10X Ladies was an empowering 3 days. Having so many powerful women in one room in itself was uplifting! Each woman there–in their own way–was not just there for themselves, but to encourage and to help other women succeed. One of the beneficial take-aways for me was Nicole Arbour’s talk about being bold with your brand and yourself on social media. To have an opinion. ‘When you’re bold enough to have an opinion, you’re being bold enough to start a conversation.’ I use this now directly in my business and it weaves through all areas of my life.” 

Catalina Restrepo Full Service Realtor & Multifamily Investment Specialist

“If there is a room where I want my commission multiplier team & all my determined fellow females to be is at 10X Ladies! It is the best space to multiply our wealth knowledge with other successful leaders. What an amazing opportunity to partake on new business adventures. Teamwork makes the dream work.”

DeAnne Stidham (Left)
Gloria Mayfield Banks (Left) Nicole Arbour (Right)
Tracee Nichols (Right)
Patty Arvielo (Middle) Tricia Love Vargas (Right)
Richard Martinez (Left) Mike Reynoso (Right)
Scarlett Cardone (Left) Sabrina Cardone (Right)
Written by
Photography: Sammy Santillano


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