The Simplest Way To Express Yourself, the Mask


Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression and creativity, and masks have easily become the simplest way to express yourself. Human beings use fashion as a way to exhibit their own character, free their identity and to connect with others in the same way. The mask has taken over in a whole new way of self-expression, and the designs are an ingenious new way to style and accessorize.

“What shirt should I wear,” has quickly turned into “What mask should I wear?” And rightfully so, a mask is usually the first thing spotted at a first glance. As people started to realize that masks weren’t going anywhere, they undoubtedly became the ultimate fashion statement. 

Featured Photo: Andreas Weiss on Unsplash

The Neutrality of the Mask’s Power to Express

It has become incredibly difficult to read others’ emotions and facial expressions with a mask covering half. We are attuned to being able to read the expression of others just by their facial features. The eyes and mouth are the most illuminating regions in doing so. However, with the mouth being completely covered, it is hard to tell what one is thinking. We don’t necessarily have to presume of this as a bad thing though. 

Facial expressions can be misleading at times. For instance, we don’t always smile when we’re happy, and we don’t always frown when we’re upset. People don’t genuinely express themselves through their facial expressions. And if you’re familiar with the term “wearing a mask,” to hide emotion, then I think it may be a bit relevant nowadays; but for the opposite reason. 

Photo: Andreas Weiss on Unsplash

Rather than wearing a mask to hide emotion, individuals are using the demand to wear a mask as a way to express their emotion. From thousands of unique designs, we are continuously looking for a mask that will boost our mood and express ourselves a little bit more in these trying times. Since a smile is difficult to show, a little creative expression is the next best thing. 

Deciding to wear fun and creative masks, brings a little light into a not-so-light situation.

By choosing to wear a boisterous style, it allows people the opportunity to feel good, or make others feel good. Personal style and open personalities are being brought to the surface through patterns, colors, and textures; and it is truly giving individuals a new way to openly be whoever they want to be. 

The number one priority is to stay safe and be healthy. So, make sure the mask you’re sporting is protective and getting the job done. With that being said, don’t be afraid to be bold and expressive when choosing a mask. It is that extra sprinkle of positivity we need in our world right now.

Express Yourself

Editor’s Picks 3 Creative Face Masks Designers

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