In studying success, there was a pattern that is common among those who have had long-lasting success. They developed all three of these pillars and in this order.

Health. Wealth. Influence.

It is critical to follow these steps in the correct order or else you will find yourself losing time going back to one of these trying to hard to correct your foundation.

See, if you decided to obtain wealth at the sacrifice of your health, you might get hit with an illness that forces you to fix the first pillar you skipped.

Let’s discuss each at length.

Pillar 1: Health

You need to allow this to be your starting point in creating long term success. Without health, you are subject to lower energy levels, illness or disease, and lower self confidence.

We all know the basics of creating a healthier lifestyle. Eat real foods vs processed foods. Exercise daily. Sleep early.

The biggest obstacle we face is having the discipline to do these daily. However, if you cannot be disciplined in being healthy, you will not be disciplined in creating wealth or otherwise, maintaining your health.

Pillar 2: Wealth

Everyone wants to one day be heard and respected. It is difficult to get found without capital these days to back your dreams.

Generating enough money to pay the bills is a critical part of living, but does not always push you forward. Most do not know how to create enough wealth to keep them going in tough times.

The right knowledge can help you in developing this pillar, but also consider this. You might have the wrong knowledge keeping you down. Get rid of incorrect limiting beliefs about money and wealth so that you can create new streams of income.


Pillar 3: Influence

This is the pillar that is the most fun. You can now express your thoughts and feelings with people willing to listen. If you do not have the health pillar down, how long will your influence last? If you do not have the wealth as social proof of your success, who will listen?

There are people who have influence without monetary wealth; Yet these people are still wealthy. Their wealth comes in the form of knowledge.

We want to listen and follow those who are dedicated to their craft and have something to show for it.

What do you do when you have enough influence to make a change in the world?

Be The Change You Want To See

Success takes many forms and comes to many. Once you have it, stay centered and become the change you always wanted to see in the world. 

Read about some of my other favorite business tips here. If you want to learn more about how to build health, wealth, and influence, meet me here.

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