The United Nations #GlobalCallOuttoCreatives

The United Nations launched a global call out to creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and the response was beautiful. The creators were selected on April 30, and there is now a library of inspirational and innovative artwork found at the UN COVID-19 Creative Content Hub. Here are our top 15 picks featuring Lauren Mitchell (1), Nubefy Design for All (2), Margaret To (3), Nick van Wagenberg (4), Laura Makaltses (5), Joystick Interactive (6), Akanksha Srivastav (7), Russell Tate (8), Mathery, Ileana Da Rin (9), Andy Yanto (10), Livia Kordeeda (11 and 12), Heads Up (Madwell) (13), Samuel Rodriguez (14) and Rizon Parein and @matherystudio (15).

1.) Lauren Mitchell
2.) Nubefy Design for All
3.) Margaret To
4.) Nick van Wagenberg
5.) Laura Makaltses
6.) Joystick Interactive
7.) Akanksha Srivastav
8.) Russell Tate
9.) Mathery, Ileana Da Rin
10.) Andy Yanto
11.) Livia Kordeeda
12.) Livia Kordeeda
13.) Heads Up (Madwell)
14.) Samuel Rodriguez
15.) @matherystudio


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