Albert and Syl Preciado are a husband and wife power couple who together run their multi-million dollar empire. Their lives are a testament to the deep love they have for each other and the belief that success can be obtained for anyone with the will to fight for it. 

Albert is a real estate investor, founder and CEO of various companies including The Mortgage Guys, Ambiance Realty and Driven Enterprises. His fearless drive has allowed him to achieve the American Dream. Going from poverty to an affluent lifestyle in Beverly Hills, Albert’s rise in the real estate industry was fraught with perilous challenges that would seem unbearable to most. In 2008, he lost everything due to the mortgage industry collapse. With Syl by his side, he picked himself up and started again. He says, “I had to sleep in my Ford Explorer with my now wife… Her belief in me and my drive kept me going during the most painful moments.” 

In 2017, Albert faced more business challenges, which caused him to battle thoughts of quitting and suicide. However, he was able to prevail with sheer grit and determination that he drew upon from his upbringing and family. Albert reflects, “I was under so much pressure, and every week I was battling heart attacks. There were times when I would go to the balcony at our high rise, and I would consider for a second jumping over. I didn’t because my wife was pregnant, and then another time because my daughter was one-year-old. I told myself, I can’t jump, I can’t quit. I always told my dad, ‘I’m never going to quit.’ This kept me alive and kept me fighting. Every year I was fighting to survive.” 

Albert’s influences early on were his parents; Mexican immigrants who came to the United States for a better life. His father would paint houses in Beverly Hills where Preciado now lives. This is where his daydreams all started. Whenever Albert missed school or when his father worked on the weekends, he would ask his father to take him along. He knew that someday he would earn enough money to live in that neighborhood and have the opportunity to share his success with his parents. “You have to envision and dream it first,” Albert says. “Don’t be afraid of screaming your goals out to the world. Haters and quitters will come and talk sh**. This will force you to silence them and again with your performance while they keep watching you from the sidelines.”

Syl, the backbone of their business and family, is living a star-studded life and proving that dreams do come true. Her journey is one too that also began with humble beginnings to a life of financial abundance. She is a caring mother, loving ride-or-die wife and fierce businesswoman, who feels joy in being a guiding light to help others succeed. As a child, she would imagine her life in the future being lavish as those on the novellas (Spanish soap operas) she would watch with her Grandma. She recalls at seven years of age, “Telling my brother that he could live in my walk-in closet when I grew up and was rich.” Little did she know that her fantasies as a young girl would play a key role in manifesting the life she always longed for. 

The Preciados embody strength and ambition with their greatest scene still unwritten. Building a business empire alongside each other while encouraging their followers to do the same, cheering them on with their mantra “Si se puede!” (Yes you can!) 


Albert Preciado: I was born here in LA, and I didn’t understand English. My mom had this idea to send me to The Valley for school because we lived in Echo Park, and this neighborhood was really bad back then. My mother didn’t want me to go to school in the area because of her fear that I would end up being “a cholo or a gangster.” 

One day my dad took me to work at a mansion in Beverly Hills. There I saw a red car, which happened to be a Ferrari. I asked my dad, “Dad, why don’t we live here like this? Why don’t we have this house? Why don’t we have this car?” And I had no clue what I was saying, and my dad tells me, “Well, this is not for us. We’re Mexican.” At that moment, I made him a promise, I said, “I promise you that I’m going to buy you a house and a car. I’m going to live in Beverly Hills and I’m going to get my dream car.” I told him, “One day I’m going to show people that we can do it.” 

At 20 years old, I got into the mortgage business. In my first year, I made $240,000. From there, I never looked back. I’ve always been very driven by everything I do and that’s why I created my company Driven. 

Syl Preciado: We grew up really poor––in a one-bedroom, one-bath home. My mom had five kids, three with my stepfather who was horrible and abusive. It wasn’t the best childhood, but I just moved on. I chose not to become a victim to anything. 

Very early on, I knew I wanted to be very successful. My grandma used to watch novellas [Spanish soap operas] and that’s what I connected success to. My grandma was another mother figure to me. I’m very close to her even until this day. She was like my guardian angel. 

I remember saying, “I want this…I want that. I want a maid so they can do my dishes.” I had this vision of how I wanted my life to be because of the Mexican novellas. Everything was perfect––they had big houses, with maids, and they didn’t have to do anything domestic. It’s crazy when I reflect now, I’m thinking, “Oh my God, my life is like that now.” 


Albert Preciado: You have to focus on one thing at a time, and one business at a time. Focus on your core business, and also upgrade your mentors. I don’t mean upgrade because they’re not good enough anymore. I mean upgrade your information because when you get to a different level, sometimes you outgrow [your mentors]. And you need new information or you’ll stay stuck. 

The biggest advice I give to people is to create multiple flows of income. For me, last time I checked, I had 12. I want to make sure that every minute I’m doing a million-dollar activity. 

Syl Preciado: I would say that first and foremost, you have to believe that you deserve something better. 

We seek out people who are where we want to be. We also gather information from credible sources. The source of your advice is important, [and] for us it’s Bobby Castro. 

I’m naturally a giver, but I stopped being naive. That was a game-changer. I was always trying to please everyone, doing things I didn’t really want to do for other people. 

I’ve dedicated myself to being as good as I can be––to help a lot of people be truly happy. It’s important to always be honest, treat people well and I believe I will get that in return. 


Syl Preciado: We are very similar, but his weaknesses are my strengths. As for our company, I have a great memory, so I focus on operations. I’m also good with people. I know what I have to do and I know how we’re going to handle it. We’ve learned to grow to respect and love one another and always back each other up––no matter what. We don’t agree on everything, but we talk about it. Also, for women in a relationship, it’s important to remember you’re not their mom, you’re not their dad. They’re still their own person. I understand first and foremost he is my best friend. From the moment I met him, we were literally inseparable. 

Photo Credit: Albert Preciado Facebook
Photo Credit: Albert Preciado Facebook
Interview by Tricia Love Vargas


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