Three Luxurious Vietnam Experiences Not To Miss

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Vietnam? For luxury experiences? But we thought it was all backpacking and cheap pho dishes.

You’ll be surprised to learn Vietnam has organically evolved into a destination of choice for even the most bespoke traveler. With its open and friendly culture, mouth-watering national dishes for the most refined taste buds, and stunning scenery, what’s not to love? Here is our guide for making the most of your luxurious Vietnam holiday.

Hanoi: Vietnam’s Bustling Capital

You’ll feel like you’re part of history strolling the hectic streets of Hanoi, Vietnam’s bustling capital because, well, you are. A melange of European architecture intertwined with authentic Southeast Asian character, Hanoi is seamlessly innovative and traditional.

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Olivia’s partner enjoying Pho in Hanoi

Hanoi is where the 2019 Peace Convention took place between Kim Jung Un, North Korea’s leader, and the President of the USA, Donald Trump. And the craziest part is, you can stay at this exact hotel.

The Metropole Hotel, Hanoi

That’s right. You’ll feel like you’re doing every past history teacher justice when you walk through the elaborate lobby of The Metropole Hotel in Hanoi’s French Quarter.

The award-winning, storied colonial property sits gracefully in the French Quarter and has been important to Vietnam’s history. A tour of the hotel’s recently rediscovered tunnel and bunker system allows you to understand this storied history.

In addition, order a “Charlie Chaplin ” at The Metropole’s famed Bamboo Bar. Legend has it this combination of gin, apricot brandy, and lime juice, was his drink of choice when he honeymooned here in 1936.

Cam Ranh

Of course, Vietnam is also known for sunnier topics than war, quite literally. A short flight from Hanoi, locals and foreigners alike have long retreated from the city because they crave coastlines.

The Alma Hotel

The newly opened Alma Hotel,  a 196-pavilion, and 384-suite resort, seamlessly weaves Vietnam hospitality and design with bold spacious design.

The Alma Hotel’s modern, sleek lobby

Further, The Alma is the quintessential family resort, with grounds   These include a splash waterpark and twelve swimming pools, which cascade down the property, into the ocean.

The general manager of the resort is originally from Austria, a land where music reigns. He brought his fondness of music to the coast of Vietnam. He has started a year-round choir with local Vietnamese employees of the hotel and they perform hits–from traditional songs to ABBA–for guests.

The Anam Hotel

The Anam Hotel is another choice in Cam Ranh which exemplifies Vietnam’s quintessential Indochine-era inspired design hotels. The property honors the local area with activities such as local cooking classes and a buffet where mothers of the staff cook Vietnamese classics for guests–the spicier the better!

Halong Bay

Paradise Cruises

Paradise Cruises are the luxurious choice for experience Vietnam’s Halong Bay. Their ships sail through the iconic limestone cliffs and emerald waters of northern Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

Paradise Elegance sailing Ha Long Bay.

Paradise Cruises’ interiors are pristine–not a thread is out of place. As passengers notice from the time they enter, Vietnam design concepts are fused with modern Western twists.

Because Paradise Cruises exemplifies bespoke experiences, you’ll never feel as though you’re part of a wave of tourists experience this UNESCO World Heritage site. Instead, the boat meanders off the beaten bath–to verdant, rural villages where rice fields dominate.

Olivia explores Vietnam backcountry before her luxurious dinner on Paradise Elegance

Adventure and luxury collide in Vietnam–if you know where to look, that is.

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