Tiffany Armstrong
Q&A with Self-Defense Expert

She is educating and empowering women to confidently prevent and overcome a physical attack through her self-paced online street-smart self-defense platform. Tiffany fought off an attacker 20 years ago using the only 3 basic techniques she knew. This led to her to earn two different 2nd-degree black belts.

Favorite Quote:

You deserve to be empowered around your safety. ~ Tiffany Armstrong

Self-Defense IS Self-Care. ~ Tiffany Armstrong

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. ~ George Addair

Tell us about your current projects: I have my flagship full online self-defense course, as well as, other specialized online courses all finished and out in the world. My goal now is to get that into the hands of millions of women globally. There are many countries that don’t even have access to self-defense, and there are women who also just don’t have the time or want to go into a facility to learn self-defense. My goal is to reach those women and her families, so they can also raise children who understand these crucial life skills. I’ll also be dedicating my time and energy to speak all over the world on self-defense, personal safety, and empowerment. I’m looking to have a massive impact on turning these attack statistics around.

Years have you been in the industry? 21 years. I’ve been educating on street-smart self-defense for 20 years, however, it was in these last 2 years that I saw such a deep need to reach women in their own homes and by the millions. I realized I couldn’t create worldwide shift by focusing solely on in-person classes. With that, I dedicated the entire last 2 years to create this online platform, so women can learn in their homes, with their families.  After my attack, and I also ended up choosing 2 very abusive marriages. What that told me is that we can know self-defense, but until we understand our own value, we won’t be willing to USE that self-defense to protect ourselves. That’s exactly why I have an entire personal development journey as part of my curriculum. That HAS to be a part of it.  

I absolutely love to create and am a pioneer in my industry. There is absolutely nothing in the entire world reaching women in this way.

What words of wisdom do you have for people? One of my favorite books for clarity on my purpose and what roles I’m meant to take on in my business is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I think above all, it is so extremely important that you’re not solely choosing an entrepreneurial endeavor simply because it makes great money. It is absolutely magical when it also lights them up every single day. I also cannot say enough about surrounding yourself with people in business who you are fully aligned with. I, of course, look at their track record and skill sets, but equally important are their hearts. Are they as giving as me? How do they work through conflict? With grace? With building walls? And are they deeply involved in their own personal development? If not, that’s perfectly okay. My gut just guides me to others who are. Staying true to who you are is THE most important thing in business. It’s crucial that we are congruent both at work and behind closed doors at home. Real and Authentic. If that’s how you live your life, then that’s how you’ll treat your business. With that, everyone wins!

How makes your business different? I researched in-person and online self-defense courses all over the world, and found that there was absolutely nothing out there that covered all of the bases of personal safety all in one place…and in a way where they can learn from home. I, of course, teach the step-by-step self-defense techniques from getting out of a simple grab all the way to how to disarm a weapon. What’s different is that I also cover things like exactly what to do if you were sitting at home with your family, and you hear an intruder entering. You, as a family, would know exactly where to run, what tools to grab, and what phone app you’d use to alert 911 with your GPS location. I’ve also covered how to overcome your own fear response. When I was attacked, my friend who was a 4th degree black belt at the time witnessed the first part of the attack, yet he froze in fear. He knew all of those techniques, but he couldn’t help me because he panicked. I educate these women and families on how to overcome that, so the techniques they are learning can actually be utilized to save their life. I even dig into the self-defense laws, so we know what’s within our rights with self-defense. There was a lady in Canada who was attacked by a man. She used pepper spray on him, which is illegal in Canada. The police treated him like the victim, and she ended up going to jail. It is extremely important that we understand those laws. There are tons of situational awareness videos along with many other personal safety pieces to the course.  

I created it all in bite-sized videos, so they are easily fit into their days, and I kept it light and fun. I even teach in heels and dresses because we all need to know how to USE those heels to fend off an attacker. Self-defense doesn’t need to be fancy and it doesn’t need to be scary. I kept the entire curriculum very relatable and feminine to meet women where they are at in life.

Tell us your secret: I start every single day with a meditation, and I schedule times in my calendar to reach out and tell different people in my life how grateful I am for them, and I ask how I can support them. I am a huge believer in circulating both energy and finances to others in need knowing that it creates beautiful shifts in the world.  

I also believe wholeheartedly that 80% of the success of a business falls on the psychology of the business owner. With that, I make it my absolute responsibility to stay on a continued path of deep personal development. The part that tugs at my heart deeply, is if my business fails, it directly means that I am not saving lives across the world. I will do every single thing in my power to make absolutely sure that I can continue this mission. The world needs it so very badly.

What are you excited about? I am so extremely excited to finally be to the point where I’m starting to collaborate with other amazing influencers in the world. I see such a huge win-win-win when two people come together and support one another in business. Both businesses flourish, and even more importantly, the fantastic communities that we are dedicated to impacting reap the benefits 100-fold!


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