Top 10 Hikes to Try in the Greater Los Angeles

Hikes in Los Angeles

With the pandemic continuing to surge on, the decision to stay inside is getting harder. While it is safe to stay inside, some good exercise and fresh air may be just what we need to keep pushing forward and flatten the curve. The cooler weather will partner nicely with a walk around a park or a hike in the Hollywood hills. Here are 10 hikes to try in the greater Los Angeles. Stay safe, stay healthy and start this year off with a little adventure!

1. Wisdom Tree Hike at Griffith Park

Overlook the beautiful Los Angeles skyline with this easy hike. With only a 3.5 mile track, one can get a nice workout in while enjoying the view.


2. Malibu State Creek Park

The beautiful bodies of water makes this trail one of the most beloved by Los Angeles hikers. Check out the pools, streams, and exquisite terrain on this moderate hike.


3. Trail Canyon Falls

LA is full of amazing secrets, like this waterfall. Hike to the falls after some rainy days and really see the scenery come to life!


4. Bridge to Nowhere

This hike is not for the faint of heart. It snakes through the Azusa Canyon with the final destination, a bridge…yep you guessed it…to nowhere. Adventurous hikers can bungee jump off the bridge on select days or enjoy the stream that runs throughout the hike.


5. Palisades Park

The park is not much of a hike, but a great place to stretch one’s legs and enjoy the oceanside. This is a great park to take families and have a leisurely stroll down the coast.

6. Santa Monica Boardwalk

Not much of a hiker, but still like walking around? Try the Santa Monica Boardwalk and get your outdoor fix without being in the woods. Maybe even bike or roller skate.

7. El Scorpion Canyon Park- Cave of Munits

The hike can be as hard as you make it, as one can explore the caves or scramble up some rocky mountains. Only a 2 mile hike, but an adventure nevertheless.


8. Los Liones Trail

Try a nice relaxing hike with a ocean breeze to keep you cool and foliage to enjoy. It is a short hike, perfect for someone who just wants to get out in nature for a few hours.


9. Rustic Canyon to Murphy Ranch Park

Check out this artistic building that dates back to World War II. The trail is fairly short, but best suits an intermediate hiker.


10. Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign via Brush Canyon Trail

The hike is long, but the views are worth it. Plus, hiking to the Hollywood sign is almost a rite of passage when living in or visiting LA.


Check out more information about these hikes here.

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