Top Secret Hideaways that Only Locals Know About

The COVID-friendly inside scoop for your Los Angeles Secret Hideaways.

The best part of traveling is experiencing what the travel destinations have to offer. However, more often than not, a Google search of top destinations will take you to overcrowded places. 

This is not optimal, especially during a COVID-19 pandemic. While some government officials have limited travel, leisure travel has reopened in Los Angeles. The goal is to avoid crowded touristy areas while finding the secret spots of a top-notch city. 

When traveling to Los Angeles, people often think of theme parks like Six Flags, Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. While under normal circumstances, these are great travel destinations. Due to COVID-19, some theme parks may have restricted hours and regulations. Be sure to check before you go! 

Visit the 5 Secret Hideaways Locals Love

The best part about visiting areas locals know about is that there are usually no large crowds, and you will create some glorious memories. 

  1. Batman Caves – That’s right! Commonly known as the Bronson Canyon, this Griffith Park hidden gem is where Hollywood’s magic happens. Some popular movies filmed at his location include “Scorpion King” and “Under the Silver Lake.” The caves were also used in the 1960s Batman series, which is why locals know them as the Batman Caves.  
  1. Descanso Gardens – The garden is run by a non-profit organization that offers visitors the experience to appreciate and learn about nature and the different elements it offers. They offer a wide variety of botanical collections. The event is ticketed, but at just $15 per person, it is a bargain. In addition to the beautiful garden views, they also offer outdoor dining. 

Photo: Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash

  1. Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) – MOLAA is a small museum located in Long Beach, California. Specializing in Latin American art, this is the perfect spot to dive in and take in the Latin American culture surrounding Los Angeles. 

Their current exhibition, “I Am: New Afro-Latinx Narratives,” highlights Afro-Latinos’ poetic and political narratives and the struggle of connecting with their African identity. While the museum is closed, you can still watch their exhibitions online. 

  1. Epona Riding Academy – Los Angeles is a city full of cars; however, if you are looking for an out-of-the-box idea, then you have to check out horseback riding. The academy offers private and group lessons, along with Horse Camp during the spring and summer. Their private lessons are 30 minutes long or 45 minutes if you choose to go in a group. 

Photo: Kristijan Arsov on Unsplash

  1. Olvera Street – Located in downtown Los Angeles, Olvera Street is a historical landmark with buildings that date back as far as 1818. It is full of restaurants and vendors as well as beautiful outdoor spaces. The Mexican-style plaza features a beautiful gazebo where you can experience cultural performances and live music. Due to county restrictions, this plaza is not operating fully. However, this is a must-visit destination post-COVID-19. 

Photo: Nikolay Osmachko on Pexels

By Miriam Frutos Rodriguez
Featured Photo: Jack Delulio on Unsplash

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