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Effective communication is invaluable when your business is expanding. A business that is scaling has many moving parts – including people. As CEO, your goal should be to keep operations flowing efficiently to optimize the organization. Use top communication techniques to operate a growing business so it is able to sustain and thrive.


Fractional COOs use a multitude of techniques as communication tools to assist CEOs with change management efforts. If implemented and communicated well, these communication techniques will significantly improve your company’s operations, productivity and performance.


Top Communication Techniques

As explained in the 3 proven steps to scale your business, you should first have one good workable sustainable business model to scale a successful business. The communication techniques below can be integrated into your business model to operate a growing business.


People like consistency and expectancy. Formalize your standards within the company. Bring conformity with standardized procedures, training, and formalities. This improves the quality of interaction, service and products for your teams, outside partners, and customers.

Standardization allows for uniformity in how you conduct business and run your operations. It allows for checks and balances and leaves little room for error.

Companies often standardize by creating templates and formal documentation (mentioned below) for formal instruction and direction. This helps to enforce consistency in how work is done.

Policies and Procedures

A policies and procedures manual is a top communication technique for upper management to articulate a company’s overall activities. They are usually provided to a new hire during onboarding and reviewed during training. 

Policies and procedures are also used within specific departments or office locations depending on the company.  They cover legal issues employee health and welfare, operational conditions and ethical issues should there be a conflict of interest.

Formal documentation within your Policies and Procedures may include:

  • An Employee Handbook: 

An employee handbook communicates the mission, vision, core values, policies and expectations for the company. It gives employees, especially new hires, a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. It protects both the employer and employee by setting ground rules and expectations.

  • A Business Continuity Plan:

A business continuity plan (BCP) provides an emergency disaster relief plan. It is a formal document that helps with preventing, protecting, recovering and resuming business should an emergency happen.

How will your company respond to disasters? Will your teams know what to do and how to communicate?

The BCP is one of the most overlooked operational communication tools because it provides a backup plan should there be potential threats to your business. Emergencies may include cyber-attacks, data breaches, worldwide pandemics or terrorist attacks. 

  • Customer Service Policies

Customer service policies will impact your sales and profits. They provide clear protocols for customer service. Employees have clear procedures for handling customers. Customer service policies should aim to create a loyal customer base and stellar customer satisfaction. 

Excellent customer service policies result in excellent customer care. Ultimately, this can turn your business into a long-term competitor in the market. 

Amazon remains a top global competitor due to its excellent customer service policies.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) are a top communication tool to operate a growing business. An SOP is a standardized documentation of how work will be done. They are usually departments or functions. SOPs help to ensure that the service or product you are providing comes out the same way each and every time. 

Create SOPs in your business to ensure good quality and consistency. For instance, you may have an SOP to onboard a new hire, or to operate your call center or product deliveries.  

Process Mapping

Successful businesses realize what processes can do for them.  Effective processes will bring you to the next level in scaling and managing your business well.

Process mapping provides guidance to employees and customers to understand how certain tasks and operations should be handled before proceeding. It is a roadmap of actual steps and actions taken to achieve a specific goal.


Organizational Chart

An organizational chart outlines rules, roles and responsibilities. Most importantly, it visually lays out how information should flow between levels of your company. Use organizational charts to articulate your company’s infrastructure and to create winning teams.

Information Technology (IT)

Informational Technology (IT) is a top communication technique. We are living in a virtual age where much is communicated remotely through technology. It’s critical that your business uses computers and other technological devices to create, process, store, retrieve and exchange information.

Every company’s needs and culture are different. Identify a customizable or compatible IT platform that works for your company and customer demand. Your IT communication platforms should work for you!


Operate a Growing Business

These communication techniques are only as effective as leadership makes them. Once you have implemented these tools into your business, you must effectively communicate them to your employees, strategic partners and customers. 

  • Streamline communications between departments and office locations
  • Train employees
  • Review updates with employees

Striking Business Gold is a useful resource to dive into these topics.  A Fractional COO and legal counsel are great strategic partners for the overwhelmed CEO when creating and executing these top communication techniques. Scale your business successfully with better legal and operational protection and expectation. 


Written by Sasha Lalite

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