The summer is half over, and the heat will soon fade, which is also a sign that 2022 will soon enter the countdown to its end. 

No matter what you are busy with day in and day out or if the invisible pressure has always trapped you in a skyscraper, our hearts always yearn for a place of freedom.

Why not commence a self-healing escape on the tail of the year? There must be one destination that can attract you throughout 5 continents, domestic and foreign, inside and outside the cities. Here is a list of our top destinations for you to visit! 

Part 1 – Inside the U.S.

  1. Joshua Tree National Park – California

Joshua Tree National Park is located in southern California, only two hours drive from Los Angeles, a lesser-known natural destination. The two-desert national park is dotted with giant rocks and Joshua Trees, a desert landscape that can never be seen from the city. Also, as a star reserve, Joshua Tree National Park has a glorious milky way at night, making camping a favored event.

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Operating Hours: 24h

Physical Address: 74485 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277-3597

Entrance Fee: $30.00, 7-day vehicle permit, admitting the passengers of a single, non-commercial vehicle on the day of purchase and for the next six days.

  1. Letchworth State Park – New York State

Letchworth State Park is located on the border of Rochester, Buffalo, and Wyoming counties in New York State and is often referred to as “the Grand Canyon of the East.” Fall is the best time to visit this place. Stretching mountains are covered with colorful autumn leaves, and the crystal-clear water flow creates a beautiful picture of balanced hues. The cool splash of the waterfall makes it a refreshing autumn scene, and it is undoubtedly a pleasant place to be in.

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Operating Hours: 6am – 11pm

Physical Address: 1 Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY 14427

Entrance Fee: Cash or Check Only, $10 per vehicle

  1. Fredericksburg – Texas

If you just want to take a small weekend getaway or spend more time with family or friends than exploring nature, then a town like Fredericksburg is the place to be. As Texas’ most beautiful town and America’s Best 10 Wine Region, Fredericksburg is a peaceful yet exciting place with shopping, art, history, dining, music, and various activities. Imagine that every moment will be enjoyable if you spend a day or two here with the ones you love.

Check out the best things to do in this cozy town. 


Part 2 Outside the U.S.

  1. Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada

Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park, established in 1885, located in the northern section of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. It is a national park open all day, with Lake Louise and Lake Monroe as its main attractions. The park has modern hotels, motels, and forest campsites. The high mountain also has a suspended tramway that leads from the bottom to the top of the mountain. At the summit, there are pavilions and observation decks where visitors can see the surrounding scenery from the railings. 

The incomparable mountain scenery is what Banff is mainly famous for, but there are also a lot of cultural landscapes for tourists to really slow down and enjoy. You can find fabulous food, shopping spots, festival events, hot springs, and other amazing things to do in this arcadia. 


  1. Echigo-Yuzawa Station – Niigata Prefecture, Japan

“A mountain paradise for snow, music, and literature”, Echigo-Yuzawa Station is exactly the “Snow Country” in Nobel Laureate Yasunari Kawabata’s representative novel. This area is surrounded by popular sightseeing spots such as Echigo Yuzawa Onsen and Niaochang Ski Resort, making it a relaxing and romantic resort. Spending several days here, you would be able to acquire a high-quality skiing experience, exquisite hot spring, fine Japanese cuisine, lively music festivals, and prestigious firework shows.

Easily accessible by train or car, Echigo-Yuzawa is a perfect spot for short vacations. Check this complete and detailed guide when making a plan there. 


  1. Mauritius – The Republic of Mauritius, Africa

“Mauritius is considered the dreamed destination by many with its heavenly beaches and turquoise waters. This small gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean hides far more treasures that deserve to be discovered during your family vacations.” The country that Mark Twain called Eden is famous for its beautiful sea and beaches, but beyond that, there are many interesting experiences to be had in Mauritius, such as the multiculturalism of its capital city Port-Louis, the infectious Sega dance, the 300-year Pomplemousse botanical garden, the 7-colored earth in Chamarel, the popular art of cane sugar, rum and tea, and much more.

Check this to-do list if you want to spend your vacation in this garden of heaven.


  1. Riga – Latvia, Europe

When talking about this city in Central Europe, the beauty of its architecture must be a highlight. “It’s considered a cultural center and is home to many museums and concert halls. The city is also known for its wooden buildings, art nouveau architecture, and medieval Old Town.” The fairy-tale streetscape is like being in a crystal ball, and if you are a fan of European culture or architecture, this city will be a big treat for you.

If you arrive on a sunny autumn day, every color of its bricks and tiles will be deeply engraved in your hearts with warm sunlight, making this city an unforgettable masterpiece. Check the best things to do with this picturesque spot.


  1. Tasmania – Australia

Tasmania, the only island state in the Commonwealth of Australia, is 240 km south of Victoria, known as the “Natural State”, the “Apple Island” and the “New Zealand of Australia” for its beautiful scenery and rustic lifestyle. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Cradle Mountain, and Mount Wellington are some of the most famous attractions in Tasmania, and with the development of the economy, local recreation and culture are also becoming more and more developed. Nowadays, in this place called “the end of the world”, visitors can enjoy wonderful food and drink, outdoor adventures, sightseeing tours, and lots of entertaining events.

There is a dizzying array of things to do on this island, and those who spend their holidays here are sure to find them fulfilling and lively.


Written by Jamie Yang


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