Top Travel Trends We’re Looking Forward To In 2022

We don’t know about you…but here at LA Style Magazine, we are more than ready for 2022. We’re craving to return to the experiences that the last few years have deprived us. Take a look at these five “bucket list” trips and adventures we implore you to take in 2022. We’ve broken it down for you by season, so you’re assured to take it all in! 

Winter: Head To The World Expo In Dubai

First off, this is not a spelling error. The World Expo, hailed as one of the most critical events momentarily uniting countries, cultures, and religions, was supposed to be a glorious spectacle in Dubai throughout 2020. We all know this didn’t happen.

However, the Expo is now very much here–bigger and better than ever. Expo 2020 Dubai’s’s theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, is based on the belief that bringing the world together can catalyze the exchange of new perspectives and inspire action to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges. There are 192 countries represented, making The World Expo 2020 the most international Expo in history. So, go! 

HOT TIP: Book a flight with Emirates Airlines between now and March 31, 2022 (so do it, like, yesterday) either to Dubai for the Expo or with a stopover in Dubai before you head out to destinations further west or south.

Emirates is luxurious and top-of-the-class in its product (especially business class, which has its private bar area, chauffeur service to scoop you up within fifty miles of the airport pre and post-flight, and a whirlwind of international cuisine options flooding the menus.) And the best part? If you book with Emirates–in business or economy–between now and March 31, 2022, you’ll be entitled to a free Expo ticket with your flight ticket.  

Dubai from above (Credit: Olivia Liveng)

Spring: Explore The World On A Cruise

Cruises haven’t been given the most love for the past few years. And while floating hotels may not have been the transport of choice during a global pandemic, they are poised to make quite the splash again–pun intended–once cruising resumes. And there will be specific newly-implemented innovations that will make cruising more accessible and more manageable once cruising resumes.

For example, the wheelchair and mobility company WHILL will be at the forefront of new technology. WHILL provides a seamless solution for travel ease around cruise terminals and airports–perfect for bringing those with health conditions on a trip with you safely. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that ableism exists in many forms and humans shouldn’t be restricted in daily life due to handicaps. 

Similarly, Scootaround, the largest provider of cruise mobility rentals, with nearly 50 major ports throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, will soon be benefiting from enhanced hygiene protocols through a relationship with sanitization from PURE. Not having to worry about COVID (or any bacteria!) on wheelchairs will redefine the cruising industry for many.  We love how this is not only leveling out the cruising playing field for all, but making ravel (and scooting!) more worry-free.

HOT TIP: We’re incredibly excited about the Carnival Panorama‘s voyage down the Mexican Riveria (because, well, who wouldn’t be?) Travel editor Olivia Liveng recently sailed from Long Beach on the seven-day journey down to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and even Cabo San Lucas. Though she was nervous about re-entering the world of cruising once again, the health and safety protocols onboard, along with the fact that boats are generally running at half capacity at the moment, subsided her fears. And the basketball court, Havana exclusive pool deck,  two waterslides, specialty restaurants, and nightly karaoke propelled that fun element too. 

We’ll be enjoying the high seas again aboard Carnival Panorama (Credit: Olivia Liveng)

Summer: Embrace Your Inner Child At A Theme Park

There are few places where we don’t mind spending the day outside in the blazing sun, waiting in lines, and dealing with screaming children just for a few minutes of adrenaline. That’s right: theme parks have also depicted as dirty and overcrowded throughout the pandemic, but we think 2022 is the year that they come back in full force. 

“Let’s face it: we went stir crazy during all the lockdowns and restrictions. There’s nothing like strapping yourself into a car, rattling a 100 feet up into the air and dropping down the twists and turns of a theme park roller coaster to really let off steam,” says Kara Harms, a  female entrepreneur who owns lifestyle and travel blogs Whimsy Soul and Soul Homesteading.

“Personally, I’ve had so many canceled trips, get togethers and life events missed over the past two years, the idea of screaming out all the bottled energy on theme park rides sounds cathartic.”

HOT TIP: We know Disneyland may be closer, but hop a quick flight to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando for 2022. Why? It’s their 50th birthday celebration (and little we like more in the world than celebrating birthdays!) The magic in the parks unleashes your inner child.

If the excess of parades, excitement, and general birthday celebration alone isn’t enough to make you pack your bags, then check out Seaworld’s Discovery Cove in Orlando as the deciding factor. This all-inclusive oasis provides a day of interaction with a range of marine animals in a very humane way (dolphins aren’t forced to do tricks, nor are there “shows” of the animals.) Liveng especially enjoyed the SeaVenture, an underwater walking tour where getting up close and personal with the fishies is very easy. So grab the Mickey Mouse ears and the bathing suit, and join the festivities in Orlando this year!

Autumn: Go On A Group Adventure

Group travel has felt nearly impossible for the past two years. The idea of sharing itineraries with other strangers–much less outside the country–has been but a dream as we sat in front of our Zoom screen for the upteenth day in a row. But as borders are cautiously reopening, its high time to enjoy the feeling of experiencing somewhere new as a group once again. And it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be unsafe about it.

“International destinations that offer vast open spaces and demonstrate high levels of public safety and vaccination penetration like Patagonia, Iceland, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, are our top recommended destinations,” says Harsh Patil, CEO of, a luxury travel advisor that provides customized itineraries for a truly unique travel experience.

HOT TIP: Go somewhere totally adventurous that may initially give you the heebie-jeebies. Because nothing is more exhilarating than exploring somewhere and having no preconceived thoughts or expectations, and being blown away. Liveng is looking towards northeastern Africa for her big trip this year with, on their Nile cruise in October sailing from Luxor on a Nour el Nil dahabiya (traditional sailboat used by royalty.)

“Where else in the world, but in Egypt can you see culture that takes you back 5000 years,” says Patil. “History lessons will light up your curiosity – the Pyramids, mummies of famed royalty, the Sphinx, and majestic temples conjure up images of a majestic era. Images of a Nile cruise have always been captivating, and we promise you a rewarding experience. The beguiling desert, the mighty Nile and magnificent monuments along its banks entice many to Egypt and will wow visitors.” Wow is certainly the word!



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