Tracee Ellis Ross: The Diversity and Inclusion Adviser at Ulta Beauty

By Lidia Teshome

Tracee Ellis Ross is a model, singer, actress, director, producer and the founder of Pattern Beauty. Pattern Beauty is a haircare line for African American men and women. “It’s called Pattern, as in our curl pattern,” she said while announcing the launch of her products on The purpose of this hair care company is to provide products that work for all curl patterns within the Black community. 

Photo by Erik Melvin

Now, Tracee Ellis Ross has become an adviser to encourage diversity in the beauty industry. She has worked with Ulta before and has become familiar with the company, in 2019 she launched Pattern Beauty.

One of the main reasons Ross decided to join Ulta is to establish a base for diverse leadership and to support Black-owned businesses sold at Ulta.

“This work requires commitment and accountability from Ulta Beauty to ensure measurable goals are achieved. I am hopeful and optimistic our work together will create foundational change.”

Tracee Ellis Ross

The main reason for the partnership between Ross and Ulta is to raise awareness about the discrimination those in the Black community face because of their hair textures. Additionally, Ross wants to increase diversity within the beauty industry. This topic has come under much scrutiny, until recently when Black social media influencers and models spoke up about their horrific experiences in the beauty industry. Some in the Black community have expressed their frustration with major makeup brands not producing products for Black and brown skin.

Ulta Beauty Programs Impacted by Tracee

Photo: Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

In the last few years, many customers have complained about Ulta and Sephora employees, alleging mistreatment for having darker skin. Ulta Beauty has now decided to set up trainings for its in-store workers. The training is designed to help employees satisfy customers of different backgrounds. Employees will receive regular training programs that will concentrate identifying implicit bias, to better ensure customer shopping experience. The beauty industry is working on hiring more employees of color and being a better representation to those in the community.

The diversity and inclusion program at Ulta includes the MUSE (Magnify, Uplift, Support, Empower) project. This project recognizes the contributions of Black people in the beauty industry. One of the plans on the agenda includes dedicating $4 million to Black-owned businesses within the beauty industry.

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