Feeling bored of the same old outfits and need a little sparkle in your life? Check out some of the hottest picks in jewelry, trending now! From intricate ear cuffs to chunky chains, we all need a little dazzle in our lives. Besides, a look isn’t complete without an accessory or two! Shine bright, you’re a star.

Statement earrings and ear cuffs

Big, bold and beautiful! Large statement earrings and ear cuffs are this season’s hottest pick. Bigger is better. Ear cuffs are sure to provide an edgy statement.

Photo: Alan Quirvan on Unsplash

Colorful charms and beads

Brighten up your look with colorful charms and beads! Dress up neutral outfits with colorful charm bracelets or necklaces. This trendy piece of jewelry is rolling back from the 90s and they’re bound to make any outfit look lively. Cheer up and choose a charm bracelet with some funky beads, or make it yourself.

Photo: Helen Ngoc N on Unsplash

Long Necklaces

Keep it simple but stylish with this sultry trend. Long necklaces have revived, and they’re here to spruce up your outfits! Whether you choose to go dainty or steal the show with a big statement piece, long necklaces are an easy piece of jewelry to add on to any look. This lengthy accessory makes an impression by drawing the eye to the rest of your clothing, so take advantage of it! Make it the centerfold of your look or shine a spotlight on the rest of your attire. 


Thick chains, thin chains, it’s chain galore. Whether it’s in the form of chunky bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, chains are everywhere. Choose a chunky chain to step up your look from casual to chic.

Photo: Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash


Metallic jewelry is making headlines for its simple but elegant style. Paired with a slinky neutral outfit, this will bring attention to your garb. The sheen is hard to ignore, so be ready to dazzle! From thick bangles to textured earrings, metallic jewelry is a must-have.

Written by Kaleen Luu
Feature Photo: Julia Cheperis on Unsplash
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