Spice up your outfits with some of these super stylish accessories. 


Statement earrings and ear cuffs

Big, bold and beautiful! Large statement earrings and ear cuffs are this season’s hottest pick. Think social distancing, we want to be able to see your jewelry from six feet away! In this case, bigger is better because huge attention grabbing earrings are a must-have. If they’re not grazing your shoulder, they’re not big enough. That quarantine haircut you gave yourself? It’s come in handy. Show off a seriously cool ear cuff with your chopped locks for an edgy statement! 

Credit: Camila Quintero Franco

Colorful charms and beads 

Brighten up your look with some colorful charms and beads! A fun way to incorporate some pizzazz to your outfit, these additions to your jewelry collection are sure to refresh your wardrobe. Dress up those neutral outfits with some colorful charm bracelets or necklaces, or maybe opt some retro looking bead earrings. This trendy piece of jewelry is rolling back from the ‘90s and they’re bound to make any outfit look lively, even during these dark times. So cheer up and choose a charm bracelet with some funky beads, or make it yourself. The kitsch is irresistible!   

Credit: Miguel Davis

Long necklaces 

Keep it simple but stylish with this sultry trend. Long necklaces have revived, and they’re here to spruce up your outfits! Whether you choose to go dainty or steal the show with a big statement piece, long necklaces are an easy piece of jewelry to add on to any look. This lengthy accessory makes an impression by drawing the eye to the rest of your clothing, so take advantage! Make it the centerfold of your look or your necklace can shine a spotlight on the rest of your attire. 

Credit: Arsham Haghani


Yes, you heard that right, chains are back in style! Thick chains, thin chains, it’s chain galore. Whether it’s in the form of chunky bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, chains are everywhere. This bold piece of jewelry has also been cropping up as mask chains, a fun accessory to elevate your face coverings! Choose a chunky chain to step up your look from casual to chic. You can’t go wrong with this badass look, and it easily elevates your style from drab to effortlessly cool. 

Metallic Everything

Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend should know they’ve finally met their match. Metallic jewelry is making headlines for its simple but elegant style. Paired with a slinky neutral outfit, this will bring attention to your garb. The irresistibly shiny sheen is hard to ignore, so be ready to dazzle! From thick bangles to textured earrings, metallic jewelry is a definite must-have. It’s a simple way to shine, and the light reflects off the surface oh-so-beautifully. So what are you waiting for? Make everyone’s head turn to see what you’re all about. 

Featured Image: Gabb Tapique 


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