Bozena Zag, Fashion and Fitness Model and proud mother of 3. This remarkable woman is unstoppable!


Undercover Mother: Things that you should know about Bozena Zag .

The first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Bozena Zag might be model: she has traveled across the US and Canada (her current home) modeling in photo shoots for fitness, swimwear and lingerie. But, Bozena might choose another word to describe herself: mother.

This proud “Super Mom,” juggles her career, frequent travel to and from Los Angeles and her hometown in Canada, and spending time with her children, all while maintaining a positive outlook and staying fit. We were thrilled to have the chance to interview Bozena and learn more about how she keeps balanced and determined while pursuing her dreams.

LASM: Your name is so lovely, is there a significance behind it?
B: Thank you! My mother’s father in Poland saw me and said I was “a Bozenka” (another way of saying “Bozena” a meaning for God). So my parents thought it was a strong name, and that’s why they named me that.

LASM: What words of advice do you for new talent who may want to follow in your footsteps?
B: It’s never too late! Follow your passion and don’t ever stop no matter what because sometimes you will want to. But, you will just learn and get stronger within yourself and you will keep trying if that’s what you are striving for. It’s not supposed to be easy for anyone to follow their passion and talents. Stay focused and confident on your path. Don’t listen to any negativity from anyone that isn’t going to support you or stand by you. That will just slow you down at the end. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to share what your plans are. Just follow them and do them for you.

LASM: Tell us about your relationship with your children.
B: I always knew I wanted to be a mother; I couldn’t wait to start my own family. So, my best experience has been having my children. Once I had my babies, I took them everywhere I had to go. I had friends that used to say how crazy I was to bring my babies to the grocery store twice a week. But they went where I went, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

LASM: I hear that you are a spin instructor, where can your fans find you?
B: Yes, I am. I have been a Spin Instructor for 7 years. I currently instruct at Xanadu Health Club in Windsor; I call it my second home. My cycling clients are so wonderful and genuine, which makes my job rewarding and something I always look forward to. The owners at the club also treat members and staff with such respect and care, it’s a wonderful environment.

LASM: What are three things that most people would be very surprised to find out about you?
B: Well, the first would be that I am a business woman and have that background. I don’t think people know that since I have been and a full-time stay-at-home mom. I still cook healthy, home-made meals for my children and friends and their kids. I clean my house and try to do yard work. I wash my own vehicle which is a big SUV. Sometimes my kids like to help which is more fun for them as they are spraying water on each other and me. I go to all my kids practices and games. I love doing those everyday things that some people don’t do.

LASM: How do you balance your time with your family (you have 3 beautiful children), fitness, your career, and other entrepreneurial endeavors?
B: It comes very natural to me to be honest. I was always very organized, which helps a lot. I am a busy full-time mom. Fitness was always in my life as now it’s in my children’s lives, and they have grown to love it. Going to the gym is not a chore for me, never was. I actually enjoy my workouts and teaching people or training them. Modeling is my passion. I look forward to my photo shoots and traveling for them. I enjoy being fun in front of the camera. I do help run and organize a few fashion shows, and I am also in some such as the Miss Universe Canada Western Ontario Pageant. I love watching the girls in the pageant to have that confidence to go for it and succeed.

LASM: Who has been your mentor or role model?
B: I admire my mom who I can say anything to and who gives me pep talks. Also, if it wasn’t for my father, I wouldn’t have the business drive. He taught me how to thrive in the business world. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my parents and his help.


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