Living Life Unmuted: A Journey of Stepping Into The Fullness of Life

Linzy Elizabeth lives life unmuted. Her vibrant, kind, and limitless personality inspires others to do the same. She sets a great example of not letting hardships hold someone back and instead, use these hardships to catalyze greatness.  She passes this message on through her elite performance coaching programs, where she teaches high-achieving individuals to do the same firsthand.

Linzy shares, “Typically, when you feel a stirring inside you, it’s either because you are angry or excited about something, or because you feel that something is missing. Perhaps you’re in a relationship that is draining you, or there’s a part of you that’s excited about something but it doesn’t fit within your current version of yourself. These emotions are guideposts that show you the truth of what’s really there and what’s available for you. To unlock these opportunities, we must learn to unmute them and explore what they reveal.”

Her multifaceted and driven personality ignites her to pursue everything she sets her mind to, without letting obstacles get in the way.  From ballroom dancing to sailing and even motorcycling, Linzy says yes to it all. 

She explains, “I believe that we often follow a pre-written script without even realizing it. This script can be a cultural, familial, or religious story that we have been brought up with. Despite its limitations, we tend to stick to it because it feels safe, comfortable, right, or easy. Sometimes we consciously choose to follow it, and sometimes we do so unknowingly.” 

Linzy lives life to the fullest and inspires others to do the same. She believes in the power of love and encourages everyone to pass it forward. Through her podcast, Unmuted with Linzy Elizabeth, she showcases the lives of real humans creating from the edge of their own possibility, catalyzing the movement from fear into love, and unlocking the truth of authentic potential within.  

The Unmuting Process

Linzy Elizabeth: Emotions can be like road signs, pointing us toward something we must pay attention to. But often, we push them aside and devise excuses to avoid facing them. We attach stories to make ourselves feel better, rather than acknowledging what is actually true. However, when we unmute and align with the truth, which is love and strength, we can use that truth to evolve and become the best version of ourselves. This not only benefits us but also allows us to give the gift of our authentic selves to others.

Overcoming the Sense of Fear 

Linzy Elizabeth: I always knew that love was the answer, but I wondered what it really meant. It’s easy to say, but I would think, what does love actually look like? As I’ve evolved I’ve come to realize, when it’s truly love, it’s always a win-win situation. If you’re feeling less than that, it’s not a win-win, no matter what else is going on. This is a sign something is off, whether it’s your perception or something in your life that’s not good for you. Realignment is a process that involves identifying and addressing those areas where things are out of balance. We must take steps to bring them back into alignment with the truth, which is love. Aligning with the truth provides strength that cannot be disputed. When you shine a light on your fears, the truth is revealed. Fear loses its power once you recognize that it’s not real, and you begin to understand that it’s just a conditioned story or a warning sign that demands your attention. Fear is the indicator that there is a misbelief, revealing the opportunity for the truth to be unmuted and emerge.  Freedom then ensues.  Therefore, fear is a gift.   

Living Multifaceted

Linzy Elizabeth: I have a diverse range of skills and interests.  I love saying yes and trying new things.  I have experience in various fields such as working in the operating room and running a landscaping business. People are surprised when they find out, I can operate equipment like a snowplow, bobcat, and even run a mini-excavator. I enjoy outdoor activities like riding four-wheelers & snowboarding.  I am also a certified sailor and ballroom dancer.  I love the variety that life offers, and I always add a touch of sparkle to everything I do. I am the glitter.

Passion Meets Beauty

Linzy Elizabeth: The places we keep muted are where we can find more beauty in life to experience. And when we allow ourselves to experience that fullness, we have so much more to offer and share with others. It’s like how people are fascinated with me, but if I didn’t live into that fullness, they wouldn’t get to experience that aspect of me, and I wouldn’t be able to inspire others to do the same. When we allow our truth to shine and be alive within us, we can live more fully as our authentic selves.

Even though I initially wanted to be a doctor and pediatric surgeon, I somehow identified with the prevalent story around me and chose a different path. It’s easy to get caught up in the stories we hear and identify with them, but we need to be aware of our true desires and align with our own truth.

The Drip Process

Linzy Elizabeth: Unmuting is like realizing that you’re the frog in boiling water, slowly being encapsulated until the pain becomes unbearable. If the water was already boiling and a frog jumped in, it would immediately jump out.  When we dis-honor our inklings and risings truths within, we are setting ourselves up to be a frog in a pot of water, where the heat progressively heightens until it is scalding & killing the frog.  We simply forget what it felt like to live full and free. 

Unmuting is about recognizing that regardless of what happened, you still have choices. It’s about being honest with yourself and asking, “Am I okay with this?” and making the decision to love yourself and others through honoring your truth. This creates win-wins.  A win-win may not always look the way we expect it to, but it ultimately benefits everyone, even if it involves discomfort and change.

The Process of Being Unmuted

Linzy Elizabeth: The verse from Jeremiah 29:11 that says “I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm, to give you hope and a future” is often quoted, but the following verses are just as important. In Jeremiah 29:12-13 it says, “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart, declares the Lord.” There was a moment when I committed to seeking God with all my heart and He showed me a way of love that I had never known before. This whole journey has been very spiritual. After my divorce, I felt called to dance. It was a healing process, and the studio I ended up at was very specific for me. Shedding the old to let the truth shine has been a process.  Even good things can be painful when you’re unmuting because they draw you into that deep truth.  Releasing and letting go of the previously believed lies is what’s painful.  But it’s the most beautiful thing you can experience when you let truth shine.

Dreams for the Future

Linzy Elizabeth: I am constantly evolving and that’s the exciting part.  It’s in the plans to offer retreats where people can have an embodied, hands-on experience of unmuting themselves. Whether it’s through dance lessons, food experiences, or outdoor activities like four-wheeling, these experiences can awaken something inside of you. When you realize there’s so much more aliveness and potential for growth, it calls you into unmuting and revealing your truth. Once you’ve had those experiences, you can’t turn away and pretend they didn’t happen.

Wisdom & Grace

Linzy Elizabeth: To summarize, it’s important to recognize when something feels jaded and to seek what it looks like to love in each interaction and the energy you carry. The same concept applies to relationships with friends, teachers, and parenting. When someone does something hurtful or shoots an arrow at you with poison on the tip, it’s important to realize the arrow hit you & the poison is now inside of you. You have the opportunity to transform it into love rather than spewing back out poison. Ultimately, aligning with truth gives you power and ownership in any situation.

Heart & Mind

Linzy Elizabeth: It’s easy to fall into complacency and mediocrity in life.  You shouldn’t shame yourself for it.  Instead, it’s essential to realize that you can choose to live every day in a way that moves you forward, towards the fullness of life and aliveness that’s available to you. This is true whether you’re single and wishing for a partner, or in a miserable marriage, or going through a divorce, or any other career or life situation. You have the power to create peace and fullness within yourself, and it’s possible to do so.

Even fairy tales, which seem to have perfect happy endings, often have trauma and hardship that led to the happy ending. We don’t know what happens after the story ends, but we do know that owning your joy and aligning it with love can make you invincible.  Even if things aren’t perfect and people come in and out of your life, you can still be okay because you have the power to create your own joy in alignment with love. Don’t wait for something external to make you okay— you have the ability within you to be remarkable today no matter what.


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