This past year brought out everybody’s weird quirks and interests, from Tiger King to Jojo Siwa
to Unsolved Mysteries. Netflix debuted the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries with two mini-series,
like many I was hooked on the murder mysteries that span from California to France. Although
the mini-series was enticing, many fanatics are turning to podcasts for a regular schedule of
murder mystery cases.

One of the leading murder mystery podcasts has been topping charts since its inception, Crime
Junkies. Listeners can access their 30–45-minute podcasts on leading streaming services
including Spotify. Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat started this podcast back in 2017 as they
describe, “a general interest.” With over 500 million downloads and 630 stories, crime junkies have
quickly become the leading unsolved mystery podcast.

Photo: Crime Junkie Podcast on Facebook

They tell the stories of cold cases that have plagued America for decades and recent vanishings
of people across the country. If you obsess with all thing’s crime-related, Crime Junkies is the
perfect podcast to listen to. Join the community of thousands of people who listen while working
out, running errands, relaxing or as a way to start up your own investigation.

Still not convinced? Read this blurb from their website to know if you are a crime junkie.

“You’re the one at the gym looking inconspicuous running to stories about murder instead of
music like a normal human. You’re the one telling your friends “fun facts” about the most
notorious murder that took place in the city you’re visiting when all they want to talk about is
where they’re getting dinner. You don’t read anymore because you’ve already consumed all the
good mystery books and freaking Gillian Flynn is just living her life and not thinking about your
needs! (Sorry Gillian, I miss you.) You do a thorough internet search on all potential friends and
or lovers and get a little bummed out when you don’t find anything juicy. And you’re pretty sure
you missed your true life’s calling to be a detective.”

Yep, you are a Crime Junkie!

Written Anissa Durham
Featured Photo: Soundtrap on Unsplash
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