When Pain Guides You
Vincenzo Crispino is a Healing Expert

Vincenzo Crispino, Founder of Pain Academy LLC and author of “Breaking Your Limits” has streamlined the process of helping people rid themselves of chronic pain and movement-related issues.  He learned first hand about the limitations a body can have after breaking his back. His approach has healed his body, and thousands of others who are now experiencing what it truly means to live a life free of pain and limitations!

In his new book, “Breaking Your Limits,” he explains, “Mindset is often an overlooked piece when it comes to solving the puzzle of chronic pain. We often look outward for the best team of practitioners, the most powerful tools, the most effective methodology—yet we don’t put any effort toward changing the way we think. We just keep searching externally thinking that all of our answers are out there. How you think about a problem ultimately determines your ability to solve it. This book will help you create the internal paradigm shift needed in order to thrive as your body learns to heal.”

Tell us about your journey? I injured my back surfing in my early 20’s which took me directly from an elite athlete to rock bottom — barely able to move without intense pain or exist with any level of enjoyment. On the impact of hitting a rock, my spine shifted laterally 21 degrees from the trauma, 12 vertebrae twisted, 3 discs were herniated and another 3 shifted to the side. Then there was severe bruising. I went from a daily high level mover to dreading stairs and bending over to pick something off the ground. I refused to believe that this is what the rest of my life was going to look like. After my injury, I spent the next 5 years searching for the answers on how to find relief. I had gone to medical school and understood the body, but I did not agree with medicating the symptoms when there is a real source to the problem. 

Pictured: Crispino practiced yoga to support his healing. He had 12 vertebrae rotated, several slipped discs, 3 herniated discs and years of pain all led Crispino to find his healing and caused him to create his natural mind-body mindful practice. 

What do you call what you do? I teach people how to realign their bodies, restore function to every muscle, and balance out their movement. I help people change their bodies and to change their mindset about how they think about their problem. I could put this in the box of “Posture Therapy,” but I would then have to define what posture is. Most people think posture is just sitting tall and pulling your shoulders back or as a position you have to be in when sitting or standing. Posture is a window into how all 600+ muscles in your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders are working, or in most people’s cases, have forgotten how to work. Posture Therapy is about restoring function to all 600+ of yours muscles so they naturally support your body when relaxed. This means essentially repositioning, rebalancing and aligning everything within your body to work with gravity and your environment in a much better way. I remember my pain and injury being so severe that I thought I needed some crazy complicated therapy approach: expensive equipment or an esoteric guru to heal me. I really thought I couldn’t do it myself. The best part of what I do is that none of that is needed. You literally need the ground, a wall, your body, maybe a chair, a pillow and a belt. Your body just needs to be reminded of how it can work together. Most of us are chasing symptoms and isolated muscles, foam rolling routines, stretching specific places and not others. We throw our bodies into such a high state of imbalance and dysfunction which just keeps the vicious cycle of pain going.

Learn more about Vincenzo’s practice at Pain Academy.


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