Wearable Art and the Power of Innovation: How Pyer Moss Revolutionized Haute Couture

Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder and creative visionary behind Pyer Moss, received an official invitation to this year’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion week. The Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Collections’s invitation makes Jean-Raymond the second Black American designer to achieve this accomplishment. Pyer Moss paves the way for all designers of color to break into the world of couture.

Photo: Pyer Moss on Instagram

What is couture?

Let’s get into it. According to Oxford, couture fashion is the “design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.” Very few designers have the honor of toting this distinguished title.

Besides Patrick Kelly’s debut in 1988, Kerby Jean-Raymond stands alone in the exclusive list of couture designers.

Photo: Pyer Moss on Instagram

Jean-Raymond hosted his historic show at Villa Lewaro, the home of legendary Black inventor and entrepreneur Madame CJ Walker. In keeping with the theme of Black innovators, he brought to life the inventions of Black creators through his designs.

From the intentionality and research behind every concept to the smallest details on the smartly decorated nails, Kerby Jean-Raymond weaves creative ingenuity into every aspect of his art.

The Pyer Moss couture show featured pieces inspired by inventions such as the traffic light, fire extinguisher, pressing comb and typewriter. 

Photo: Pyer Moss on Instagram

These pieces embodied the concept of wearable art. Pyer Moss unquestionably brought Black culture into the haute couture conversation, doing wonders for inclusive fashion.

While we don’t expect to see people strutting these artistic pieces down the street, they have without a doubt left a mark on couture forever.

Photo: Pyer Moss on Instagram 

Written by Cierra Black
Featured Photo: Pyer Moss on Instagram
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