By Natalie Olivo

Beauty is the poetic expression of your inner self.

Featured Photo: Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

There is a deeper part of us who longs to be accepted by society. Without this acceptance of ourselves, we can get caught up in external validations to feel beautiful. We know this idea to be very real, and how do we embody our inner beauty?

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How do we drown out the noise of the outside world and accept ourselves fully? With daily reminders of what is right or wrong, this can create division in what we deem beautiful. Who’s to say what is right or wrong? The internal back and forth tug-of-war of acceptance can create subconscious conflicts when we finally choose to express ourselves. 

Everyday appreciation and self-love can propel us into a new level of self-acceptance.

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Wearing an outfit that makes you feel beautiful – regardless of what’s on trend – is a big step in the direction of authenticity. When we begin to listen to our inner voice, we can step away from needing external validation. It’s great to receive feedback, and sometimes a compliment or two feels lovely, but relying on these external sources of love can leave us empty inside when we do not receive such open compliments.  

It can be challenging to navigate, but it’s essential to feel good in your body. Saying affirmations or dancing in the mirror can be a fun way to explore freely expressing yourself. There is something beautiful when someone can hold their entire being to the highest value and not be afraid of criticism.

Interestingly, when we hold ourselves in confidence, the rest of society has less to say about who the world thinks we are. This article is an invitation to allow real experiences in your interactions with the world and let go of the never-ending rules.

Be daring, be bold and create space for yourself to be vulnerable in your self-expression.

Listen to your intuition.

When embarking on this new self-love path, listen to your intuition. When you want to wear red, wear red. Make choices for yourself and gain inspiration from those you love and feel a deep sense of connection to. Another great tool is use a creative outlet daily. This creative outlet can be writing, painting, sculpting. You name it. If it is creative and helps you get into the flow, add it to your daily routine.

Photo: liane on Unsplash

Finding inspiration in each other is beautiful.

Share creative ideas. It is a great way to foster a community with style, and it should not be the qualifier of your self-worth. Somewhere along the way, Western society commodified self-expression.  Designers and people with vast amounts of experience in the fashion or beauty industry are inspiring and give great advice, but are not the end all be all in your self-expression. Just because someone with a lot of experience tells you not to do something, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the leap. This also doesn’t mean we throw away all rules in order to be creative. It is essential to find your voice in the process of finding inspiration from others.

Striking a balance between self-expression and rules is the key to an outstanding individual style and beauty.

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