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For The Active Traveler 

If a vacation to you means jam-packed with activities, adrenaline, and action (our favorite triple a’s!), then you’re going to need some serious foot care. You thought there was nothing better than taking off your hiking boots or ski boots following a day of adventure, but Naboso–the active line designed by Dr. Emily Splichal-can one-up you. Our feet are the foundation of our entire bodies and minds. The Naboso product line redefines what’s underneath your feet and how you connect to movement. Naboso Splays help restore a natural range of motion to your toes by allowing you to effortlessly spread your toes when you take your shoes off after an active day out–and seriously, nothing feels better. And massaging foot muscles and minimizing arch pain associated with plantar fasciitis with Naboso’s Neuro Ball will feel like true paradise after a day racking up the miles while exploring the hills of Lisbon or San Fransisco as an urban hiker. 

The Naboso neuro ball is necessary for any active traveler. (Photo Credit: Naboso)

For The Suave Traveler

Want about 500 excellent points from your travel companions? Pull out a travel-sized hookah next time after dinner in a faraway city. Yes, these are a thing, and they are called The Kaloud Krysalis Calix, which is more than a Hookah… it’s a Krysalis. It draws upon more than 500-years of tradition and innovation and emerges reborn as something new, something unknown. The first of its kind, Calix portable adventure companion is firm and mobile. Dramatically decrease harmful chemicals by truly significant amounts. With connections available for two hoses, it will accompany you wherever your journey may take you, forging relationships wherever you go. 

The Kaloud Krysalis Calix is portable and a constant source of enjoyment (Photo Credit: Kaloud)

For The Sporty Traveler

If you’re looking to really get down and dirty on your vacation, we have a few must-brings. If you’re not exactly sure what the weather will entail, it may behoove you to bring a sporty yet sleek coat that takes up basically zero space. We recommend the packable down jacket for men by Peter Manning NYC. It’s sleek, packs well, and you’ll have more room for other sporty gear–like, uh, this state-of-the-art Smart Safety Bluetooth Helmet EVO2 from Livall if you’re really planning on getting sporty. 

Peter Manning jackets pack down easily for travel (Photo Credit: Peter Manning)

For The Hosted Traveler

Sometimes the most intense and memorable travel experiences are the ones where we exchange the glamor of a five-star hotel for a locally hosted opportunity. If you want to seem hyper-stylish and trendy when being hosted, consider exploring DLISH’s online shop pre-travel. Why DLISH? The entire female-owned company was inspired by travel, culture, food, art, and design. Its mission directly fuels joyous sparks amongst consumers, which the founder, Mona Bavar, describes as “fueling the joyous spark, the intrigue and the excitement we all remember from unwrapping gifts as little ones.” Some of our favorite DLISH items to choose from that dually delight your host and travel-easily include  Lady Blue Italian Ground Coffee and this handmade “Chef Double” Apron. Oh, la la! 

DLISH’s handmade “Chef Double” Apron (Photo Credit: DLISH)

For The Chic Traveler

Chic travelers know that style is important from the moment you leave the house. We wouldn’t be caught dead in sweatshirts and messy buns at the airport, even for a redeye flight. We always look like we should be flying first class–and that means our luggage is also first-class material as well. Impress from the get-go with a high-end suitcase, like Ricardo Beverly Hills. (And check their newest wheeled case in Silver Lilac inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, Veri Peri!) Très chic.

A chic traveler with her Ricardo suitcase. (Photo Credit: Ricardo)

For The Pregnant Traveler 

We all know swollen ankles from high altitudes are standard, as is lack of circulation from movement. Both of these factors can make traveling while pregnant uncomfortable. With the all-new Naboso Recovery Sock, you can now release and recover your feet by simply wearing the socks. The patent-pending neuro-stimulating Naboso texture on the inside of the sock acts like a mini-massage for your feet, enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves, and releasing muscles and fascia. Consistent use of the Naboso Recovery Sock can bring the much-needed release and recovery that all of our feet deserve. Additionally, wearing them throughout your trip will continue to help you enhance circulation and mobility while on the road. It was developed by a doctor and mother who is almost always on the road–so, yeah, you can say they know how to travel well. 

Naboso socks are the ultimate hack for pregnant travelers. (Photo Credit: Naboso)



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