Believe it or not, your superpower is even more impressive than speed or strength because it is so unique to you that only you possess it. It ties to your purpose. It’s your greatest inner strength, and it may be a quality you never even recognized until the time came. 

Perhaps you’re a teacher who inspires kids to dream beyond their wildest imagination or maybe you are a businesswoman who changes an industry, a nurse who evokes hope, a military officer who paves the way for our freedom? 

Maybe you’ve been channeling your inner Wonder Woman 1984, and you have come to the conclusion that you don’t have superhuman strength, speed or reflexes that could make Chris Hemsworth jealous. Although that speed would come in handy in a few places I can think of: the school pick-up line, the DMV and waiting for my nails to dry. Channeling your inner superhero is, in fact, right up your ally.

We all have superpowers, so what’s your superpower? 

Maybe you conquered cancer? You never realized what you were made of until you came face to face with a fate you defied! Only one person on this earth has faced the things you have, and the way you’ve come through it brings out your bright neon superhero emblem, like a light shining from inside of you.

This power within you that you uniquely carry gives you the ability to overcome and face battles in a manner only you could conquer them, encouraging and inspiring others through your example and your fight. 

We all have that superpower within us

Maybe our darkest moments are the ones that brought it out, and it stayed with us through our brightest shining hour. Perhaps you’re like my friend, Andi Buerger, who’s experienced unspeakable tragedies and abuse that surfaced her most luminant superpower. She is now the Founder of Voices Against Trafficking, an international organization dedicated to eradicating human trafficking, giving a voice to those who have none.

Make no mistake about it, you have a superpower preparing you for something so unique to you, no one else but you can do. 

Do you walk into a room with such positive lightness you can change the vibe instantly? Do you have the gift of sales and can craft the art of the deal? Are you a comedian, like my friend Craig Shoemaker, who thrives on laughter healing the hearts and souls of all around him? Are you athletic and the MVP? There’s no doubt; the winning game point will come from you. 

No one even needs to know it’s your superpower, but you know deep inside when you show up exactly what you bring to the table. Maybe you’re a single mom who does it all, a fabulous career and kids galore all on your own?

Mothers have superpowers that are straight-up jaw-dropping inspiring. Your senses tingle when you know something is wrong with your child, and you can see through lies to the truth and carry the armor of wisdom. Want something done? Give it to a busy mom. Efficiency is a gift superhero moms possess. 

Don’t you dare dim your light to make others feel comfortable. Shine so bright that you actually give permission to others to shine their light as well. 

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

– Nelson Mandela 

My friends tell me my superpowers involve: 

• Being able to see the positive in any situation. 

• Speaking words of encouragement over others, empowering them. 

• Casting a vision for people to see themselves far beyond what they could see on their own.

• Accomplishing success in whatever I seek.

I don’t know what your superpower is, but you do. So put your hands on your hips and seize the moment. Trust your gut and embrace that superpower, and before you know it, you’ll be leading thousands of others who are now embracing theirs, and that in itself is a superpower.

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