Why You Should Learn to Write the Perfect Headline


The perfect headline is like the perfect hook to a song. A great song’s hook will not be forgotten. From Forbes to Entrepreneur, here we explore how you can model after already great headlines and how you can also paint your strategy.  What is your winning formula? Your perfect headline is just the first hook to get your audience tapped in. That is what we will begin with. Why learn how to master this art? Let’s think about this, your writing career, your readership and your opportunity to be heard all depend on it!

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What is your Formula for Writing the Perfect Headline?

Do you have an action item? Words such as learn, explore, find, understand, how-to are all great high-impact words that people can easily relate to. 

Do you have a call to action (it may be explicit or implied)? Consider what the reader will do as a result of the headline. I expect that you want them to learn or do something easily or with expert skill. Your call to action should be transparent in your headline. 

Is it clear what your reader will learn from the headline? In this day and age, where we are all consuming content, it can be easy to gain or lose a reader. Be clear and direct in your headline.

Writing your Perfect Headline, The X Factor

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Content can reach across careers, domains and cultures. I always ask myself if there is an even wider audience that I can consider. Maybe if I am writing a technical piece or a piece with a specific niche, I may ask myself how a manager or outsider might relate to my writing. It’s easy to create inclusivity even in content. I believe that it is the intention that matters. Ask yourself this question, “How can I make maximum impact?”

Bottomline to Upleveling Your Writing and How you Attract Readers

The statistics are alarming and yet revealing if we consider our patterns and daily habits. Think about this, according to Statista, “Consumers around the world spend an average of 463 minutes or over 7.5 hours per day with media.” We are all constantly consuming and filtering through data that interests us. Nielsen’s report is also fascinating. Reaching your audience is easy: be clear on your hook (aka headline), use the power of your voice by knowing your subject and show the world that you have something valuable to say!

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