In the vast landscape of Hollywood, there are individuals whose vision and dedication redefine the limits of success. Will Packer is undoubtedly one of those trailblazers. A record-breaking filmmaker, producer, and influential figure, Packer has carved his path by creating heartwarming stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. From his extraordinary achievements in film and television to his commitment to empowering future creatives, Will Packer continues to inspire through his groundbreaking work.


Will Packer’s impact on the film industry is nothing short of remarkable. With a string of blockbuster hits, including the groundbreaking comedy “Girls Trip,” his movies have grossed over $1 billion globally. Packer’s unique understanding of the New American Mainstream audience has propelled him to unprecedented success, with nine consecutive number one films under his belt. His dedication to storytelling and his ability to transcend boundaries have positioned him as one of Hollywood’s most influential and sought-after producers.

It’s hard to believe, after looking at all the success he has accomplished, that at times his faith in his dreams wavered when he was in a season where he was persevering to make his dreams a reality. He reflects on what he would tell his younger self in hindsight, “Keep going. My drive and perseverance are something that was instilled in me young, but I definitely had years of angst and anxiety wondering if my dream of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker was just that – some crazy dream. I would underscore what my younger self already knew… stay the course, no matter what.”


Beyond the silver screen, Will Packer has expanded his creative reach into television, digital platforms, and branded content. His company, Will Packer Media, produces compelling scripted and unscripted series that captivate audiences across various platforms. With notable productions such as “Bigger,” “Blackballed,” and “The Atlanta Child Murders,” Packer continues to push the boundaries of storytelling, shining a spotlight on important narratives and captivating audiences with his distinctive style.


Packer’s remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed. He is a member of the esteemed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and his contributions to the film industry were recognized when he was selected as the Producer of the 2022 Academy Awards 94th Oscars Ceremony. Packer’s name consistently graces the covers of prestigious magazines, and he has been featured in high-profile lists such as Variety’s “Billion Dollar Producers” and Ebony’s “Power 100 List.” These accolades reflect the immense impact he has made as a visionary and trailblazer in the entertainment industry.

In light of and in recognition of his immense accomplishments, we take a moment to ask him his perspective on what he believes being a person of influence entails. He shares, “Being influential means having the ability to have a louder voice in the crowded ‘room’ of culture. I take that privilege very seriously and try to be impactful in the way I carry myself. I know others are watching and studying my model for success. That means I have the ability to show that non-traditional ways of doing business in this industry can bear fruit, thus creating opportunities for future creatives. That’s exciting.”


Will Packer’s influence extends far beyond his professional accomplishments. As an Atlanta resident, he actively engages in philanthropy and community involvement. Packer serves on the board of the Atlanta Hawks Foundation and has been a longtime supporter of initiatives promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). His commitment to giving back and uplifting others exemplifies his character and the values he holds dear.


In a candid interview, Will Packer shares valuable insights gained throughout his journey. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing industry while remaining steadfast in the unique skills and qualities that define oneself. Packer’s words echo the notion that trusting one’s instincts and persevering through challenges are fundamental to achieving success.

He shares, “Trends change, tastes change, business landscapes change. Be malleable but also steadfast in the consistent elements and skills that are specific to you. Trust your instincts.”


Being a person of influence holds great responsibility, according to Packer. He understands the impact his platforms have on those who follow and admire his successes. With a powerful voice in the cultural landscape, Packer aims to be impactful in the way he carries himself, paving the way for non-traditional approaches to the business. By setting an example, he creates opportunities for future creatives and reinforces the belief that dreams can become reality.


Will Packer’s passion for his craft continues to drive him and his team forward. His unwavering dedication to creating engaging and meaningful stories fuels his pursuit of excellence in an industry that demands persistence and resolute commitment. When we ask him if there are any upcoming developments or projects in the works that he’s particularly excited about, he shares, “I’m excited about all the future projects we have in development. This business is too arduous to not be passionate about projects that you and your team give so much of your lives to.”

Will Packer’s journey from an aspiring filmmaker to a record-breaking Hollywood mogul is an inspiring testament to the power of dreams, persistence, and unwavering determination. Through his groundbreaking films, television productions, and influential platforms, Packer has left an indelible mark on the industry and serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring creatives. With his exceptional achievements and passion for storytelling, Will Packer continues to shape the landscape of entertainment, inspiring generations to embrace their own unique journeys and make their dreams a reality.


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