Lasio is Nadine Ramos’s exciting line of transformative hair-care products! See 10 reasons why this inspirational leader in the health & beauty industry is changing women’s lives, one strand at a time!

img_0802Women have no fear, your hair’s BFF is here!

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1.How did your passion for hair products begin? What inspired you to help other women with your products? My passion for Lasio products began when I saw the immediate results to healthy hair.  I knew this was going to be a game changer in the industry. I love knowing that my product brings happiness to women, simply because it brings health back into their hair.

2. What makes your product the “safest and most effective keratin treatment” in the industry? Lasio Keratin Treatments are formulated with natural ingredients that focus on instant repair, shine and frizz elimination.

3. What is the biggest compliment that you have ever received from the treatments? It has to be from a client who was undergoing chemo. Her tears were pouring out as she explained how Lasio keratin treatments changed her life. Her hair was soft, healthy and luminous.  Chemo really damaged her hair. She felt so good about herself and confident after receiving my treatment. Those are priceless moments that reassure me why I do what I do.

4. What is your advise for a woman who is scared to do the treatment?  My advice is that they find a Lasio certified salon.  We take great pride in educating and certifying every salon and staff on our treatments. All of our customers are in great hands at a certified Lasio salon. I also encourage customers to visit our website and send us any questions they might have on our treatments. We will answer all your questions in a timely manner.

5. Why should a woman purchase your products? If you are looking for quality and affordable products, Lasio is the brand for you. Every product in our line is keratin infused and promotes healthy hair. Who doesn’t want healthy hair?

6. In 2000 when you began, did you have an idea of how large your company would grow? What did it feel like at the time compared to now? To be honest, I knew that I was going to make Lasio a global brand from the beginning.  I set expectations and goals for myself. I knew I had to work hard to achieve my goals. I am a firm believer that if you don’t challenge and believe in yourself…then who will?

7. What advise would you give a woman who wants to step out in a business? To all women really, focus, focus, focus! Set your goals on paper; breakdown how you plan to achieve those goals. Keep your credit clean for any business loans you may need as a start up. Do not let failure be an option.

8. Who is a role model you looked up to growing up? Bethany Frankel inspired me early on. She showed a transparency of the challenges of a woman starting a business from New York. Being a New York native, I related to her. The fact that she broke barriers in the manufacturing/distribution market is also fascinating to me because it’s considered such a “mans industry.”

9. Is there someone who you feel made you who you are today? My beautiful late mother!  She was the strongest, most loving non-quitter I have ever met. The morals and values she instilled into me is what keeps me strong in the sometimes viscous business cycle. She reminds me to always remain humble and kind, that has been a true testament to changing the lives of those who you do business with, employ or even mentor.img_0804

10. What is your vision for the future? I see more opportunities for our young generation. I am so passionate about doing good by the future of our world…our children. It’s so important to teach them from a young age to tap into their creative side to ignite their future, opportunities for business and the future of our country. I support an organization called Thrive Collective. This organization is bringing the arts back into over 500+ New York City schools that have removed art programs.

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