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Emerging Writer, Yve S. Mari is an accomplished dentist by day and a published writer by night as she is currently crafting her second novel.
In her debut novel, Mari explores a world war.

Raised in the bayou country of Texas and Louisiana, Yve’s parents and other family members were part of the civil rights movement that exposed her to travel and various cultures and educated her on the injustices of many different people.
Inspiration for “All God’s Step-Children”  comes from the various people she has befriended who have endured human cruelty and oppression firsthand, yet still operate out of kindness and patience and love.
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Excerpt from: “All God’s Step-Children” 

“Males never fail to disappoint. They always found ways to live up to their proverbial characteristics. Males are cruel, dishonest and reckless. Males are thoughtless, angry and efficient. Males are unpredictable, predatory and selfish. Males are dangerous, exhaustive and violent. Yet, despite these truths, we cannot ignore one simple fact. The male species were our ‘necessary’ enemy if we were to survive and advance… Eden was captivated by every word that Professor Raine stated. Much like her grandmother, Professor Raine passionately impresses these reminders upon her students.” 

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