Gain exclusive access to curated content & digital marketing for select industry experts whose objective is to make a positive impact in the world.

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L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network provides an opportunity for select brands and industry professionals to rise above the rest. Expanding their digital footprint showcases them as leading experts in the market.

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L.A. STYLE Magazine is a leading luxury lifestyle publication founded in 1985 with far reaching content across business, fashion, culture, travel and inspiration. 

The newly revamped magazine attracts readers from across the globe with an emphasis on Los Angeles as an entertainment and cultural hub. 

Renowned for being one of the first publications in Los Angeles from the ’80s, L.A. STYLE’s chic editorials featured the most illustrious and sought-after Hollywood icons, including, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, among others.

Today, L.A. STYLE Magazine is a modern multimedia company with a mission to inspire and connect readers through authentic stories. Since its reintroduction into the world of publishing, the media platform has featured dynamic industry leaders in business, fashion and beauty.

Their in depth storytelling sheds light on a relatable thread within all of us, allowing readers to connect with a deeper purpose. The power of the stories exists in capturing personal triumphs with endless possibilities. 

L.A. STYLE offers a combination of thoughtful, bold and sophisticated content presenting a unique posture towards social consciousness. The publication represents individuals who enjoy upscale living and luxury products, yet are conscious about their roles as a global citizen. 

Through their latest platform, the L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network, they provide an opportunity for select brands and entrepreneurs to rise above the rest. This select group of industry experts are connected through their commitment to implement positive change in their own communities through their businesses. Members gain exclusive access to curated content and digital marketing. The network assists entrepreneurs in discovering their voice and expanding their digital footprint, showcasing them as the industry leaders they are in their respective market. 


Is to always provide inspiring and intellectual content that speaks to the whole of the individual. We believe in embracing diversity and celebrating perspectives.


Business | Fashion | Entertainment | Beauty | Inspiration




Exclusive interviews with the world’s most dynamic and thought-provoking leaders.

WHAT industry Leaders are saying about l.a. style

“Trying not to be great hurt me a lot, trying not to do big things was damaging to me. People call me a show off, and I use it now. Today I made a post on Instagram, Elena was on the plane and she did a photoshoot for L.A. STYLE Magazine and the post is ‘now we are showing off.’ The ego saved my life.”

Grant Cardone

Founder & CEO of Cardone Enterprises

“L.A. STYLE Magazine, great interview. Thank you for the incredible conversations and preparation. Make sure you follow these guys, check them out.”

Ed Mylett

World Renowned Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur & Author

“I was blessed enough to be on the cover with four other major powerful women for the L.A. STYLE Women in Power issue. There’s such a mutual admiration for each other.”

Elena Cardone

Author, Businesswoman & Speaker

“I’m loving what L.A. STYLE Magazine is doing. They are jumping in there and are giving people a voice and a platform so that they can share their own stories about what they’ve overcome. The magazine does style and clothing but they also do inspiration and encouragement and that’s what they’ve always been about. I think it’s a very unique thing.”

Tim Storey

World Renowned Celebrity Life Coach

“The thing that inspired me to be here is that Kim Whitley is a very good friend of mine, I love L.A. STYLE Magazine. I’m always reading them. When I saw that she was on the cover I’m like yes girl gotta support 100 percent. Also anything thats supporting children having, I’m going to be there for that because I was a child who didn’t have anything.”

Tiffany Haddish

Actress, Comedian & Author

L.a. style industry THOUGHT LEADERS

The L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network is lead by powerful, world-changing thought leaders, taking charge & changing the way business is done.

Ryan Blair

+$2 Billion In Sales
Now Spiritual Mentor

“To become a “master” of something, you must work with focus and purpose… Investment over consumption—that has to be an entrepreneur’s mantra.”

Danelle Delgado

Marketing & Sales Expert
Business Strategist
“Millionaire Maker”

“L.A. STYLE is doing what’s missing in the media. Where most media gets it wrong, L.A. STYLE gets it right. They are blending impact, influence and intelligence on one platform.”​

Tim storey

World Renowned Celebrity Life Coach

“I’m loving what L.A. STYLE Magazine is doing … You are giving people a voice, a platform so they can share their own story about what they’ve overcome. L.A. STYLE has created that kind of platform that people like myself, Ed Mylett and so many others are jumping on.”

Christine Andreu

L.A. Style Magazine
Editor in Chief & Nation Builder

“There is no other media company that is leading a global movement like L.A. STYLE. We are not only inspiring people, we are transforming lives! Now more than ever, the world needs powerful messages to lift humanity.”

Jon Talarico

Master of Lapsing Time & Reaching Goals

“There’s no one better to connect you to your audience than L.A. Style. They are providing a powerful platform to take your purpose and passion to the next level.”



The L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network

Provides exclusive access to curated content and digital marketing for select industry experts. This annual membership is accessible through invitation and application only. This ensures alignment between industry professionals who will have the opportunity to share the “stage” with our L.A. STYLE Thought Leaders.


The “stage” is where your article will be published

L.A. STYLE’s Industry Leaders get to share the stage with world renowned Thought Leaders on the LAStyleMagazine.com platform. Their articles are published alongside industry legends!



Provides exclusive access to curated content and digital marketing for select industry experts. This annual membership is accessible through invitation and application only. This ensures alignment between industry professionals who will have the opportunity to share the “stage” with our L.A. STYLE Thought Leaders.


Industry professionals that are ideal for the L.A. STYLE

Industry Leaders Network are from a wide variety of lifestyle industries, for example: real estate professionals, attorneys, travel experts, beauty and wellness professionals, financial planners, cosmetic and medical doctors, coaches, jewelry experts.

L.a. style Industry leader BENEFITS

Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization Business Generation Press Credibility Summary


Press Credibility

Business Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

Your time is now. Step into your purpose & have your message heard. L.A. Style magazine is your stage & microphone amplified.



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Upon acceptance into the L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders, our team will reach out to schedule your 12-Month Brand Strategy Session with our Editor in Chief and Publisher. We will support you to build out the content that will be produced for you over the course of the next year.

client testimonials

Jolynn Swafford

Life Coach

“Because of this one publication I’ve been able to establish myself as the leader of joy and joy evangelist. I went to L.A. STYLE with this message of joy because I was looking for the right outlet to share that message. L.A. STYLE was it!”

Irina Melkumyan

Private Entertainment Banker City National Bank

“It’s so beautiful to partner up with a magazine that does so much more than (just) share with you the latest and greatest about L.A. With every hand crafted article and in depth interview, this company helps you not only connect with the best in L.A. but also BECOME the best in L.A.” Thank you L.A. STYLE for shining your light and for being a space where we can connect, feel inspired, be educated and become the difference we all have been waiting for.”

Dima Ciolache

Health Entrepreneur

“L.A. STYLE Magazine just made it easier for me to be found. Having developed multiple businesses over the years, one of the most important parts of each business was my advertising. Without getting your name out there and speaking your voice, you won’t be found.”

Ruben Alvarez

Health Entrepreneur
“I love working with L.A. STYLE. They were easy to work with, super responsive, and produced leads even after just my first article.”

Marlene Brehm

Co-founder CrowdPoint Technologies
“I love the approach L.A. STYLE has because it is a conscientious awareness of what is going on in the world and where people are. They’re also really good at making people see the best in themselves. So being able to bring that to light, all the stories that are told are so important. They do such a good job of sharing people’s unique message and encouraging others, all with beauty and class. “

Frequently asked Questions

The L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network is a platform that provides an exclusive opportunity for select brands and industry professionals to rise above the rest, by expanding their digital footprint and showcasing themselves as leading experts in the market. This is an annual membership, accessible through invitation and application only.

Leaders in the following categories are great fits for the platform: entrepreneurs, finance, coaches, wellness/health/beauty experts, real estate professions, medical and cosmetic, sommeliers, law Experts, travel, creatives, interior design, event planning, and others.

Your articles on L.A. STYLE Magazine will elevate your brand and bring you press credibility. Further, you will receive press assets, the L.A. STYLE logo for use “As Seen on L.A. STYLE” as well as your monthly article link. Monthly articles can also be used on business website(s)/ blog(s).

You will have one article per month published online – written by you. As an Industry Leader, these articles will engage your target audiences with educational articles relevant to your industry. You will have the ability to submit your own content, based on your industry expertise and tips. You also have the option to have L.A. STYLE Magazine Editors directly help you develop and write your monthly content.

You may apply here. Your application will be reviewed within 48 business hours for approval. Upon acceptance, our executive team will schedule your consultation. We will strategize the topics for your 11 articles (one per month) that will be sponsored/written by you and published on our online platform, lastylemagazine.com.
There are many benefits. From having dynamic press credibility to customized digital marketing for your articles, there are so many benefits. You will get an author profile page featured on the website with your personalized bio, headshot and all articles linked together on your author profile. We are also thrilled to share that you will get to share a marketing stage with L.A. STYLE’s “Thought Leaders” who are at the forefront of their respective industries – a.k.a “The Best-of-the-Best,” such as Danelle Delgado, Tim Storey and Gloria Mayfield Banks. Your published profile that is under your name and business profile will get you recognized as an expert within your industry by providing your audiences with valuable content.

There are also other exciting perks that are only available to the L.A. STYLE Industry Leaders Network. For example, you will be invited to the L.A. STYLE Magazine Mastermind, a private group with 1 live monthly mastermind featuring a 7-figure entrepreneur beginning in the Summer 2021. 

TAKE CONTROL OF your brand. It’s time to USE THE POWER OF YOUR VOICE now.

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