Councilwoman and Entrepreneur

This rebel with a cause is a self-made champion of the people is also Lynwood, California’s Councilwoman who is the walking embodiment of the American dream. As a single mother and high school dropout, Aide is breaking ground in every gab that she makes at the glass ceiling for women everywhere. Aide’s legacy will be the footprints that she is etching in legislation for the medicinal marijuana industry. @castroaide

What’s your philosophy in life: “Excuses get us nowhere! Get them out of the way and move forward. A lot of people told me I couldn’t do the things I have done, but I didn’t let excuses get in the way. It’s an empowering opportunity to not allow your personal fears to hold you back from pursuing your dreams and aspirations.”

Tell us about your biggest milestone: “Being able to serve in the city that I grew up in and that I made my mistakes in. The city has allowed me to be a part of its progression. Imagine walking the streets in your own town and being to be a part of its progress. That has been amazing!” The Councilwoman’s inspiring story goes further, as a youth, she was once arrested in this same city that now serves in.

How do you describe your secret to success: “I have always felt that whatever I am doing is the best that I can do. Every time I think of where I started from- the statistics were stacked against me… If I work for someone else or myself, I always go 100% to be the best. As a child of immigrant parents, I had it embedded that I had to be successful. I was not just another girl who got pregnant… I wanted to tell my kids that this is how I did it.”

What does it mean in the Power of Being Female: “We are life givers. Think of that. Not just to children, we breathe life into everything we do. We have the power of influence.”



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