The highly accomplished celebrity fashion designer best known for creating the iconic Madonna bullet bra bustier of the late ‘80s. Her repertoire is vast and she continues to break molds with breath-taking concepts for every woman’s body; find her at or @deanzign.

Q: How would you describe your line? “I would describe it as classic and timeless. I feel women should have clothes that address their diverse lifestyles. I am working toward having more styles available online, all with various price points. I want to address women’s fashion needs with styles that are both flattering and practical.”

Q: How did you begin in the fashion world? “After graduating from fashion school I opened a retail store on the world-famous Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. After closing the store, I started designing for the music and entertainment business. My specialty was designing the images for album covers, videos and stage performances.”

Q: What inspired you? “I was inspired by the vast platform of creativity that the entertainment business gave me. There were no limits to what could be done.”

Q: Where do you draw your influences in fashion? “I used to be influenced by the past — styles that were reminiscent of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Now I am inspired by pop culture and the infinite possibilities of styles that are influenced by all the past, present and future.”

Q: What is a signature piece of yours that you think everyone should have? “My classic basic dress. It is a go-to that will never go out of style. The dress has so much versatility that the options are endless.” 

Q: Is there a sustainable concept to your line?  The sustainability is that I focus on classic styles that are timeless and can be worn for years to come.”




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