BossBabe: Natalie Elizabeth Ellis & Danielle Canty

BossBabe  Natalie Elizabeth Ellis, CEO and Dr. Danielle Canty, COO need no introduction. They are the female powerhouses behind BossBabe an empowering “Community of unapologetically ambitious women.” Their podcast, blog and mentorship platform are all top-rated, transforming hundreds of thousands of female-led businesses. Learn here why you should use their 30-day training, joining the growing movement of empowered women.  

Q: What is your message to the digital community? 

Natalie: “To encourage and support women to be unapologetically ambitious. Success looks different for everyone, but you should be able to be unapologetic about who you are and where you’re going. We want you to have a business with efficient systems and high profitability, so you have the freedom of finance, location and time. We want you to find your own tribe of soul sisters who will support, inspire and encourage you. We want you to feel so confident in who you are that you step into your power with ease, using this to create change in the world. And if you’re already there, we want to support you to get your message out there to even more people who need it.” 

Q: What inspired you to share your expertise with others? 

Danielle: “We believe in being positive multipliers and so, if we share our learnings and then champion other women’s success, for every woman we impact, she impacts another. The ripple effect of BossBabe is what is so powerful.” 

Natalie: “I found out about entrepreneurship from a career day at high school: a woman walked into our classroom and started talking about a business she set up. I wasn’t surrounded by entrepreneurship growing up, or the mindset that you could create anything you set out to. This one talk changed the whole trajectory of my life, and I want to be that person for others.” 

Q: Share one challenge that you experienced as you were growing your social media business? 

Natalie: “In 2018, we were growing so quickly that we could barely keep up. It was one of those scenarios where we needed to hire someone ASAP, but couldn’t even find the time to interview, let alone train someone. We felt like we were just chasing our tails! After pushing through that and finding some incredible people to join our team in leadership positions, we found ourselves being able to pre-emptively hire and train ahead of growth periods.” 

Q: What is a major milestone that you have achieved? 

Danielle: “Wow, it feels like there have been so many in the last year or so. I would say hitting number 1 in the iTunes business podcast charts was pretty amazing.”

Natalie: “Agreed, that felt great. I’d say hitting 1 million followers on Instagram was epic too, and we are now growing at a rate of around 100,000 monthly and I love to continue seeing that number grow because it means our impact is directly growing.” 

Q: What is one pro tip that you have for businesses to grow their social media? 

Natalie: “Instagram was such a success for us because we focused on it. We didn’t try to be on every single platform. We did one thing really, really well and were consistent with it. If I could give one tip it would be to create viral content frequently and consistently –  is what will help you grow your audience quickly.”

Danielle: “Natalie heads up the social media side of our business, and honestly, what she doesn’t know about Instagram, isn’t worth knowing! My pro tip is to buy our program: Insta Growth Accelerator (laughs).” 

Q: How would you describe your formula for success? 

Danielle: “I’d say the combination of maintaining a lean business model; we move fast and really focus on revenue, and then the other aspect is ensuring every member of the team is continuously working on their communication skills. We hold this in high regard as we always want to make sure that not only does everyone in the team have a voice, but that feedback is welcomed and given in a constructive way so that we can improve.”

Q: What do you think are the most important things for brands to consider in growing? 

Natalie: “Simplify, focus and be consistent.”

Danielle: “I agree with Natalie — not trying to be everything to everyone. Finding our niche and doubling down has really accelerated our growth.”


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