The sought after and highly accomplished DJ, based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Montreal, she first established herself in New York City as a choreographer. A DJ for the past 17 years, her client list has garnered a palpable range of household names such as Chaka Khan, Michael Jordan, NASCAR, and Eddie Murphy. She is currently pursuing her endeavors as a filmmaker. 

Q: How do you balance your career, family, and self-care?  “I used to only care about my career. Now as I have gotten older, I schedule time with my family, taking care of myself and my health.”

Top 10 on your playlist: “I often vibe to Alexa’s Coffee Shop Electronic channel or Pandora’s Latin Jazz or Mozart and Yo-Yo Ma or Dancehall depending on my mood. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.” 

  1. Beethoven “Moonlight Sonata”
  2. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald “Autumn In New York”
  3. Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”
  4. Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto “The Girl from Ipanema”
  5. Tony! Toni! Tone! “Anniversary (Full Extended Version) / Alicia Keys “Diary”
  6. George Michael “Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone”
  7. Mark Ronson featuring Boy George “Somebody To Love” / 10cc “I’m Not in Love”
  8. Mobb Deep “Shook Ones, Part II”
  9. Terror Fabulous Featuring Nadine “Action”
  10. Nirvana “Lithium”

Q: How do you balance your career, family, and self-care? “I used to only care about my career. Now as I have gotten older, I schedule time with my family, taking care of myself and my health.”

Q: Who inspired you to become a DJ? How did you come into your career?  “Q-Bert, the X-Ecutioners, and Craze. I had VHS copies of their routines. I may have been obsessed. I couldn’t afford turntables so I’d go over to my friends’ house and break their needles. I only became a DJ in my 20’s when I interned at a recording studio and became an audio engineer. I was popular with the mixtapes on Canal street and that’s how I would get booked. It has been a roller coaster. Being an independent talent can be stressful because you have to be on your toes business-wise; however, at the same time, it’s rewarding.  It can be gratifying but it is a lonely world at times.”

Q: What advice do you have for your younger self?  “Do you, at the best of your ability, and let them chase you. Also, be kind but stern. People will remember how you made them feel over how talented or smart you are. A combo of both great personality and knowing the value of your contribution to the world is the winning ticket.”


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It is with love and optimism that we share this issue in such a time as this. L.A. STYLE announces our unwavering solidarity for the equality revolution; we join hands and hearts with our sisters and brothers who are oppressed by systemic racism and other injustices occurring due to the color of our skin. As Robert Frost once wrote, “The only way out is through.”
This “Color is Beautiful” issue,  features over 100 public statements from a collection of movie stars, music legends, political figures, sports stars and more who have spoken out for justice. 

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