Founder of The WEnetwork and The Women’s Empowerment Expo, she is a woman with a gift for bringing events to life and empowering women to have purpose-driven mental health and holistic support. Her non-profit provides tutoring services for youth, free counseling and therapy for victims of domestic abuse; her events fund her non-profit. She also began the Ventura County Networking group and the Creative Media Studio which creates connections between businesses and non-profits and gives opportunities to entrepreneurs. @christinamariebrophy

Passion Project: “I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have overcome multiple adversities. I have a passion for helping women find their voice, because what I went through a past abusive relationship. I try to support them in finding their realization: They have everything that they need. I once thought I didn’t have a voice. I also have a passion for helping youth and others with ADD or ADHD. After being diagnosed with ADHD, I learned how to manage it, it is the reason that I am creative and successful at doing so many things. I understand first-hand the perspectives in the mental health field, I find ways to help with the misunderstanding and getting help for the kids that need it.”

Importance of Self-Care: “I have learned that I love taking care of people, but when I am not taking care of myself, I can’t give back. Part of my self-care is stepping away from my laptop; I read my bible; I go for walks; I disconnect from social media. I struggle with that because I am a workaholic.”

Favorite Beauty Secret: “I make a coffee scrub for my face. I mix coconut oil and ground coffee. I mix it and makes my face feel so great. You can do so much with it.”

What women should know about mental health: “Women should know that sometimes vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness. Opening the door to certain conversations is what brings healing.”  


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